Unable to create custom moods


Nothing in the GOS Tammeraut’s Fate 1 or GOS Tammeraut’s Fate 2 sound set is able to be saved and replayed in Custom Moods for me. All other sound sets I’ve purchased are working. I’ve tried to clear the data and re-install the sound set and still didn’t work.


This is soooooooooo weird!

I figured you’d found the prob and i would be able to reproduce it now?! But… no… :-/

I can definitely save custom moods including elements from those Tamm SoundSets…

Hmmm… @sonofconan You? Any thoughts?


I am not sure. I have them downloaded currently and are not able to save any sounds to the custom moods area. Unfortunately that makes these sounds sets unusable. I wish that I could use something from them as they contain some great sounds, but I am not sure why I cannot use them… I wish I could change them out for a different sound set.

Also, I updated the laptop to Windows 10 and the program and all other sounds work beautifully. Still very much loving Syrinscape.



@sonofconan has been able to reproduce the error (so you are not dreaming) . :smiley:

We are investigating this properly so give us a couple of days. Then we should have a solid fix.

THANKS for your patience! :bug::hammer:


Hi guys any update? Should I clear data and re-install those soundsets?


Hey @DrunkenOz

We think we have this one fixed.

Re-install those SoundSets (CLEAR DATA on them first, if you have too)


Let us know…

  • crossing goblin fingers and toes-ies… :japanese_goblin: :bug::hammer: