Tomb of Annihilation


is there any chance we will be getting official Tomb of Annihilation sound-sets soon?



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I can’t speak for the Syrinscape team in terms of official sets, but I can offer this thread where I compiled the sets needed for that very adventure path - Tomb of Annihilation Suggestions



Thanks for the link to that thread. and all your great suggestions and help, it’s much appreciated.

I would still very much like to lobby for an official soundset though, as I think such a brilliant adventure deserves official support. :smile:

Cheers, and thanks again,


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In addition to what’s in that thread you might check out the new scarwall set (might only still be in supersyrin release) I have been using it for both it’s intended purpose as well as for a group in ToA.


Are there any plans to create a soundset for Tomb of Annihilation yet?

I am not going to lie, I 100% signed up to the highest tier on Syrinscape thinking that it would certainly have a ToA playlist (if not dozens) for my upcoming ToA campaign. I am completely floored that there is not an official one yet. The entire reason I signed up was to have something for the ambience and different scenes in this campaign. Really bummed out now and wondering why there isn’t anything for it at all. It’s one of the most popular adventures in 5e and this is just mind blowing.

Tomb of Annihilation was released a long time before we started producing official content for D&D. Since doing so we have concentrated on their new releases, releasing content for Dragon Heist, Decent, Strahd, FrostMaiden and Witchlight on the day of release of those books. As much as we would love to be able to cover all of the older D&D titles, doing so would mean that we can’t cover the newer material.

With that said we have over 600+ soundsets currently in the fantasy catalogue, many of which work wonderfully for Tomb of Annhilation. If you are looking for something in particular then ask on the SoundSet Suggesions thread here on the forums, I am certain you will get some inspiring replies of which sets to use for any particular scene.

And if you have a Supersyrin subscription then you will have full use of Syrinscape Online and the Creator, which means that you can tailor any of our soundsets to match what you need or build your own. Tomb of Annihilation would make for a fantastic piece of Community Content.

Oh phooey! :frowning_face: I’m really disappointed that it doesn’t look like we’ll ever get one. :sob: :sob: :sob:

Same. I am really new to Syrinscape in general, so I haven’t figured out how to do half of this stuff. There are so many options available and it is hard going through all of them to pick and choose what elements to use. Also I don’t even know how to make the custom playlists yet, lol. I am sure it is easy, and I would bet there is a thread on these forums that explain how to, I just haven’t gotten to it. I made the mistake of subbing to Syrinscape, messing around for all of 5 minutes then on the day of the campaign I was sitting here looking for a ToA playlist and just couldn’t find one. I wound up using some of a Saltmarsh playlist just to get ambience and move on, but now that I am exploring a bit more I need to get this all figured out before my next session that way I am not fumbling with my player searching for sounds in game :stuck_out_tongue:

I saw some suggestions on the thread linked here from a few years ago, so that is cool. That should give me a little bit to work with, I just really do wish that they would have something more official for Chult. Especially the Port Nyranzaru area, as that is a very unique experience!

Never say never. It’s a popular adventure and one that we would love to cover if the opportunity ever arose :grin:

@44meditatingmunky44 we have lots of tutorials on our YouTube page that should help you get started and always feel free to ask questions on here or through support

How do I find community created playlists? Maybe there are some playlists created by other users that has the elements I am looking for already done? (Sorry if that is off topic for this particular thread)

If you are logged in with a Supersyrin Subscription then all of the Community Content Soundsets will show up just like our official ones. They are all marked with a Community Content background but otherwise work just like any other soundset.

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Ah! OK, so I’ve already been looking through them all. Good to know. Thanks!

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One more vote for this. I am waiting to run the campaign a second time because of this.

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Just in case you missed it, Chapter One of Tomb is out now! More on the way soon. Tomb is very much a sandbox with a LOT of places to visit. I’d be curious to hear what you are hoping there will be moods for.

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I see there are now two ToA collections. Is there a development map on how many there will end up being? I need to start budgeting for how much this soundset is going to cost (I like to buy individual sound sets outright, rather than a monthly sub).

We will be covering the entire adventure. Usually we release one SoundPack per chapter and a MegaPack at the end, however some of the chapters of ToA are huge and very sandbox, so they need more content to be able to fully cover everything. ToA is a massive adventure so I would imagine it will be around 8 SoundPacks in all.

One of the many benefits of the sub is that you gain full access to all of the soundsets as they are released along with all of the back catalog of existing soundsets, which is ideal for when your players decide to go off the beaten track!


Is it possible to have information about the following soundsets release for “Tomb of Annhilation” ?

Currently the first 2 chapters of the adventure are covered
Do you have any idea when the soundsets covering chapters 3, 4 and 5 will be released?

I’m asking you this to know if I can launch my players to the adventure without the risk of finding myself without music to offer them at some point in their progress.

Or if it’s still a long job, and maybe it’s better to send them on another adventure for now.

To summarize, can you please give us some information about the development of the soundsets of this adventure and the approximate date of publication?

Sorry, for my bad english, i’m french pepole

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Hi Steve, I’ve been running ToA for about a year now, and the group is about to embark on the Tomb of the Nine Gods. Where are we on this Soundset? Do we have an estimation of timing?

Is there some voting system for subscribers I should be using to bump the priority for materials I need?

It’s really frustrating as a DM for a game Syrinscape has started releasing sound sets for to see it not completed in a timely manner, while the company releases multiple other games’ sound packages seemingly willy nilly. It does not give me faith that I can count on future games to be ready if they are not completed by the time I start the campaign.

I am running tomb of nine gods right now and am also eagerly waiting for “official” sound support. I have found the tomb of horror sound set to be pretty useful. Some pretty similar situations and rooms.