The Online Player is stuck looking huge (or tiny) - HOW TO FIX

It pretty much fills the whole screen and I can’t adjust it in any way. Would be nice if I could make it smaller.

Soooo… if you are feeling very competent and brave, you should delete the entire entry for the Online Player in the reg. Something somewhen got you a broken setting.

The reg remembers window sizes of windows when you last closed them, but the Online Player window should NOT be resizable.


Instructions from @thebwt = :facepunch::cookie:

Be careful! Make a Restore Point before you ever work in your Registry!

So I’ll throw what worked for me in windows 10, ymmv. You can wreck stuff, so follow these instruction carefully when you delete things (just looking won’t hurt things)
Close the online player if it’s open
Open Regedit
open the Start menu and type regedit . The application should appear
At the top, there is a bar that describes your current location, is you haven’t used regedit before it likely just says “Computer”
remove any text in that box and paste in:


This is the command that is dangerous if you select the wrong thing. Once there, there should be a folder in the left column called “Syrinscape Online Player” right click that tag and select delete.
restart the online player, you’ll have to relink it and everything because you just blew away all it’s settings including windows size.

-Signed, Some Dude on the internet, follow instructions at your own risk.


You can actually fix this with out purging the whole registry entry. Select the folder Ben advises to delete, on the right hand panel you will see a number of entries. Look for ‘Screenmanager resolution_width’ and ‘Screenmanager resolution_height’. These values can be set to whatever size you wish your player window to be.


FYI the default sizes that Screenmanager resolution_width and Screenmanager resolution_height should be set to are 667 and 375 (decimal). If you delete the whole Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Syrinscape\Syrinscape Online Player folder in regedit, this is what it should come back as.

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Yes… this something we will fix at some point!

This would be super easy to deal with if the window was free to be resized by dragging like most other windows. would that be hard to implement?

Deleting folder did quite nicely on restoring it back to the original size, thanks


Awesome glad you got it sorted. We have got it fixed ready for the next update so it shouldn’t be a problem for people for much longer :slight_smile:

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