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Some of us over at are trying to pull enough interest for the the intergration of and Syrinscape cause their sound effects/music they have are a bit of a lackluster in comparison.

I believe Syrinscape could be a benefit and much enjoyed by all in the Roll20 community.

I am asking for 2 things.

First for the developers of Syrinscape to possible get in touch with the roll20 community and see if something could be worked out.

Second for the community meaning YOU reading this to head on over to Roll20 Support Page and upvote Syrinscape so it can get the attention that is needed so we can make this happen sooner than later.


I’m not a Dev in any stretch of the imagination, but I’ve already upvoted my support of this.


Hi all,

I couldn’t agree more that an integration with Roll20 makes a lot of sense.

We’ve made overtures to the guys over there a number of times, and in fact proposed a couple of solutions to them.

The ball is very much in their court atm, so I reckon the best thing to do would be to get a ground swell movement going among the community on Roll20 forums etc.

If you want it, MAKE A NOISE! :smile:

What can I do? Let me know. We’ve done step one described above.

Let’s work out something more I can do…


I’ve updated the Roll20 forum thread letting them know Master Benjamin =)
Support Page for Syrinscape on

Also included a temporary workaround that you posted a year ago till we can get Syrinscape officially part of Roll20.

I’m glad that you started talks with them already.

Well sense you asked for ideas for what you can do on your end opens flood gates

Option 1.) I would send a PM (or any others means of getting in contact with the Roll20 team) and invite them to either a live stream or a per-recording YouTube not just to pitch Syrinscape and Roll20 into making babies together, but just talk about the Biz of tabletops in general and a bit of cross promotion for both your guys. Of course throw in the Soft-sell of making babies together eventually.

Option 2.) On the other end I would ask to see if they would be interested in interviewing you on their various Blogs,YouTube, and or Livestream.

Option 3.) Start a Campaign Drive for votes on and plug it across all the stuff you promote Syrinscape for YouTube,Facebook,Twitter, Instagram etc… We get to X Votes on I’m giving away a signed Syrinscape T-Shirt (for some reason people love bribes) We get to 100 votes I’m raffling a free 2 month voucher for Syrinscape etc… (or however you want to do those are just ideas)

^currently thanks to yesterdays vote to Syrinscape by GM_Cody_D we made it to the 1st page on were at the bottom of that 1st page, but 1st page none the less :stuck_out_tongue: If we could climb to the top 10 of most voted suggestions for Roll20 that would be ideal to give it some much needed attention currently at the time of this post 81 votes needed and we are 17 keep them votes coming folks.

Option 4.) Call in favors. What I mean by this is the people you have networked in the business so far tell them what you are trying to do. And maybe they have an idea or two or a phone call they could make or however those wonderful people get things done to see what they can do on their end. As an example I know you just recently made it over to and I guarantee you someone over there contacting Roll20 on your behalf for maybe a joint venture where all 3 parties benefits might be an idea. Maybe,Syrinscape, Paizo have one epic sauce stream, recording etc… together just to talk about whatever.

Option 5.) Charity Drive. Pick a Charity Breast Cancer, Leukemia or something you are generally passionate about and for every 1 vote you get on, Syrinscape will donate 1 dollar to said charity.

Option 6.) A drastic option, and sort of a last resort one would to be to fly over to where they are located and say you are going to be in the area for a couple days and see if they could do a formal sit down.

That’s all I could think of maybe Some or all of those will be of aid in the Roll20 crusade.

As far as us the community we can:

1.) Up vote the idea like previously posted.

2.) Social Media directly to Roll20s social media trying to prod them along requesting the integration. Facebook,Twitter,Instagram etc…

3.) For those us that stream,YouTube, blog etc… ourselves we can mention it in the content we put out and request our little communities to engage in supporting.

4.) Do our own campaigns drives similarly described for Ben to do above on our own content pages, streams, blogs, YouTube etc…

5.) Flood them with snail mail. I guarantee you the intern will tire of opening physical letters if everyone sends in 1 letter a week.

6.) Make short little YouTube or similar platform vids requesting Roll20 to add in Syrinscape then posting link to said videos on Roll20 forums perhaps explaining the benefits to the Roll 20 team why Syrinscape is needed/wanted over at Roll20. (don’t forget to include your glitter posters in the video)

Ok, you have drained me of ideas for now save 1.

If you need any help or just want to spitball some more Ben you can add me on Skype at john.barnhouse1 I got some free time I am willing to contribute if needed/wanted. Or send email/forum PM

Support Ben/Syrincape =)


Your Humble Minion Pexx


Option 6a) The whole group will be at GenCon. You might see if you can set up a meet and greet there.


I would upvote it in the roll 20 forum but apparently I can’t vote on anything or replay to the topic



As far as replying to the topic goes you have to be registered and signed in.

For voting this link will explain it.
Link: Click me I take you places


also you need to be a subscribed member


@DragonKnightAdam – To vote in the Suggestions and Ideas forum on Roll20, you need to be a Pro or Plus subscriber, or Registered User with at least 1 year membership on Roll20.

See Forum Voting


At 18 votes now!

Moving on Up!


Cool. I’ve bumped Nolan again by email and suggested we meet at GenCon.


I would love to see this product work with Roll20.


Exciting news!

We have just hit the GO button on our Master-Minion setup which allow people to run Syrinscape on a whole lot of remote machines via an browser window.

All the sounds will be made locally on each Player’s machine, all controlled centrally by the DM/GM wherever she is.

Sounds cool?!


Oooo…very cool! :smile:


So how do we get a copy of this new feature? (I’m especially interested because of the FG-Syrinscape integration extension I wrote) :smile:



Hi @Dulux_Oz

You’ll definitely be in on the beta testing as SOON as possible!

AND, yes, we’ll make sure we can maintain the integration with FG, because what is amazing!


We’ll definitely be asking for beta testers from all our most help regulars here! :smile:


I’m not sure if this has been noted anywhere else, but I have been trying to use Syrinscape on Roll20 for several days, and found the link for the Pro Tip #7…using it with Skype.

So I began playing around with voicemeeter and simply couldn’t get my skype or Discord to cooperate. The person I was trying to communicate with suggested we just log into Roll20 to see if our mics were still working…AND POW…everything was flowing in Roll20…I was able to use Syrinscape as well as another sound board I have purchased sounds for…they all went through Voicemeeter and came out in Roll20 for my players to hear.

So from my experience you only need to follow the first half of setting up Voicemeeter from that protip #7 link…you should be able to stop at the Skype section…worked for us at least.



That’s great to hear Marcus, thanks for letting us know :smile:

Hope your players enjoy the NOISE!


Thanks @dedonta

Can you place comments on the relevant ProTips.

AAAAAAND if you’re feeling particulaly inspired, maybe share that this is all possible on some of the Roll20 forum threads about using Syrinscape with Roll20?

Spread the word! :slight_smile: I’ll give you :lollipop: