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I’d be happy to help in any way I can.



Wow! Just been over at the Roll20 forums… There are a lot of +1s here! :slight_smile: Thanks everybody!

​In the meantime, just in case you missed it… here’s some really exciting news.

This opens up the way for using Syrinscape for remote play hassle free, and even better being able to control Syrinscape on a tablet and put it in the background without the sound stopping! Very happy with the dev team right now.


I reckon it’s time to have another PUSH for Roll20 Integration.

It IS now possible to control Syrinscape Online with API links.

We now have API links working on the Online Player, meaning you can control your Syrinscape sounds from within Roll20 using weblinks (these weblinks ping our server, and act as button pushes on Syrinscape = changing the background mood, or starting some music, or triggering a Wilhelm Scream, or a Fireball, or a Wilhelm Scream caused by a Fireball).

If you don’t actually know anything about Syrinscape Online (formally known as the Master-Minion Player), check this page out here:

Sense makes?