Syrinscape ProTip #24 - 3rd party integration



Thanks again Gwydion and everyone else that posted on this thread, I greatly appreciate the help.

One thing remains though, everytime I launch Syrinscape, it changes the registry key to “C:/Users/Andr©/”, so I have to manually fix it while Syrisscape is already opened.

Maybe @benjamin can shed a light as to whether it’s possible to fix this!



Perhaps we can change the title of this thread and make it a pro tip? Just don’t want it to get lost in the event someone else runs into the same issue…


Good thinking @Gwydion Done :smile:


Hey Exalted, which key are you referring to in the Regedit that was incorrect? I’m having the same described problem.


Hey Solomon, I can’t recall it at the moment, but check this reply of mine: Syrinscape ProTip #24 - 3rd party integration

It mentions this key:

Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Syrinscape\Syrinscape Fantasy Player

I believe this is the one.


OK. New build to fix this is being checked by ME now. We’ll put it up ASAP.

Thanks for your patience everybody! :slight_smile:


AND I’ve put a note on the download screen to stop people from Upgrading for the moment (if they use 3rd integration).

THANKS for the heads up on this one!


Any update on this? I think I heard it “might” be working now with the latest release? Is that confirmed yet?


Yup. The current version should be a fully functional space station.

Have a go. :slight_smile:


Thanks, Ben! Dulux-Oz also posted last night on the FG forum that he has tested and it looks good. Much appreciated!