Syrinscape ProTip #24 - 3rd party integration


indeed, seems this is on my end. It’s even more baffling that I happens on both machines I have here.

Could it be something related to the language Win 10 is set to? (Portuguese in this case)


Have you checked to make sure the network you are on is set as private in Windows? Again, I’m really guessing now. Sometimes windows defender gets mad and blocks everything if your connection is set to public. I know you said you turned it off but maybe try that??


It is indeed set as private



I’m really at a loss… :frowning:


You have the latest and greatest DOE: Sound extension?


@Gwydion I reckon it’s definitely NOT anything wrong with your extension, he just can’t get the URIs to trigger anything at all on his system… still confusing though!!


Had a thought… but then un-thinked it…



I have DOE Base 3.2.0 and Sound 4.2.0, I believe those are the most current.

@benjamin do tell, at this point I’m at complete loss


Not giving up!!! Ok. So a long time ago I put together a document with the syrinscape links in an excel file. It is NOT current anymore, but I wanted to try something. Here is a link to the file:

Once you download it, if you click on the url hyperlink, it should play the sound if Syrinscape is open or it should open Syrinscape and play it if it isn’t open.

Is it possible to set Windows Defender into a “manual” mode so it prompts you when an application is trying to get through the firewall? Maybe try to click on these links and see if you can get them to trigger? If you can set windows defender to manual mode maybe it will show us there is some other program involved?

Must find answer for you!


Also… Do you have any issues clicking on website hyperlinks? Are you able to click on normal website hyperlinks and does it take you directly to the website?

No sound at all. Solution?

Downloaded,still nothing. At this point it seems clear to me that the issue is with the Syrinscape URIs not triggering. If I try using a URI to something different, say a local file , or a windows settings app, those work.

So I’m thinking I maybe can register the “missing” syrinscape myself in Windows registry? Could you please check in regedit.exe the values you have under \HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\syrinscape-fantasy? Mine are like so:

I admit I’m not nearly knowledge to actually know what I’m talking about here, so if this is totally non-sense, please disregard.


I just checked mine and they are identical to what you have…So, when you clicked on the hyperlink in my spreadsheet, what happened? Nothing? No errors messages, but nothing happened? Also, are you able to click on hyperlinks to web pages and do those work fine?


Clicking the links on your spreadsheet results in no action.There’s this tiny moment when the mouse cursor “spins” and then returns back to the regular arrow cursor, with no resulting behaviour.

Do you mean any other hyperlinks? I believe those work fine, for example I can click hyperlinks in pdf documents and they open my browser.


Also, in your windows defender firewall, I assume where you set up your exclusions for syrinscape you have BOTH private and public checked for the networks?


Yeah… That’s what I meant. Definitely seems to be something blocking syrinscape… So strange… Let me know about defender (comment I just posted above).l


I do have them set to public and private,though just to be sure, I’m actually doing all testing with the firewall still disabled.

Btw, yesterday I couldn’t post anymore due to the forum spam protection, so if I suddenly go silent that’s what’s happened lol.

EDIT: I just created a new user under this desktop, and… it worked! The first user (the problem one) has a “special” character (É),whilst the test one I just created does not Wonder if that might be it?


That might be. I know that people have had some issues with their cache location (I think) when they have special characters. That is definitely worth investigation! Hope you found the answer! :smiley:



I think I got it!

One of the keys in regedit under “Computador\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Syrinscape\Syrinscape Fantasy Player” had it’s value as “C:/Users/Andr©/…”, I changed it to “C:/Users/André…” and it seems to be working!

Will further test.


Yes! I can now rest… lol.

Really hope you have it working. Nice sleuthing!


Let’s mark that one down for future reference - and yes, I’m glad it was sorted :smile: