Syrinscape ProTip #05 - Setting Cache location (on PC, MAC and Unix)


Can I change the storage location of the Syrinscape Cache = all the SoundSet data?
Here’s how you can do it on PC (only do this if you are confident with cmd line and medium level system hacking)…

  1. Cut content from “C:\Users[yourUserNameGoesHere]\AppData\LocalLow\Syrinscape” and paste it into [The full path where you want to put the data instead… eg “H:\SyrinscapeFantasyPlayer\SyrinscapeSoundData”]
  2. Delete “C:\Users[yourUserNameGoesHere]\AppData\LocalLow\Syrinscape”
  3. Open a cmd.exe with admin rights.
  4. type in: “mklink /j C:\Users[yourUserNameGoesHere]\AppData\LocalLow\Syrinscape [The full path where you want to put the data instead… eg “H:\SyrinscapeFantasyPlayer\SyrinscapeSoundData”]”
  5. press Enter

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Some credit would have been nice. But never mind…

To all who read this you should of course replace “H:\SyrinscapeFantasyPlayer\SyrinscapeSoundData” in step 4.) with whatever location you put the content. It doesn’t have to be in the same Folder or even the same drive.

Also I still have to point out that it’s just very very bad practice to save your application ressources in appdata… no matter what the Unity engine does.
Maybe you just shouldn’t use cache to store ressources.^^


PS: For the Unix/Mac users out there gives you all you need to do it yourself.


Sorry Michael,

Yes credit definitely goes to you for this info! :smile:



Two "very"s huh?!? :wink:

Perhaps, but we are stuck with Unity’s standard practice for the moment. :-/



Possibly a silly question, but does this also grab custom moods? I’m considering using this to put the whole thing on a USB drive so I can at least share across PC-type devices, since frankly cloud integration isn’t something I trust too much anyway even if it were in.

EDIT: Tried it myself, and the answer appears to be “No.” The links don’t work as specified, and just as a kick in the teeth the custom moods don’t appear either. Even manually copying the directories doesn’t appear to work.

ERROR MESSAGE "syrinscape is unable to download its chapter data"

MOODs are stored in the Registry.

You should be able to have multiple devices pointing at the same Cache on a USB.

You’ll still only be able to use material your log in allows you to use… and you’ll still only be able to log into 3 devices though, and you MIGHT run into problems when things want to check log in status etc… I’d be fascinated t see how you go!


So, tried this and now the player seems to think I have no soundsets installed. I’m using Windows 10 if that makes a difference.

EDIT: Ok, after many hours, got it to work. Turns out my files were in the Cache folder and needed to be in the Chapters folder.



Thanks for noting the fix… might just prove useful for someone else.

You win :rice_cracker: :pizza:


Actually, this doesn’t help me at all.




Got a specifc question or problem you are having with the instructions?

Happy to help.


Thanks, Benjamin!

I was actually replying to stempfie_michael’s solution for Unix/Mac users. I don’t even know where to begin with that wikipedia article! >_<

My issue: I had to replace my Macbook, and I can’t find all of my downloaded files to load into Syrinscape on my new device. That’s a LOT of files to have to download again (plus losing all my custom moods!)

Thanks in advance.


@trojack31 You’re gonna love the Syrinscape Master/Minion Player (soon to be laucnhed out of public beta as Syrinscape Online) = NO MORE DOWNLOADING CONTENT AT ALL.

Everything is just delivered tot he play on the spot and triggered. This adds about a 1 second delay every FIRST time a sample is played, but thereafter the sample data is Cached for future use.




So, quick story. Purchased a new MacBook Air to replace my previous MacBook Pro. My system transfer of Syrinscape did not bring over previously downloaded soundsets or custom moods.

Here’s where I found the soundsets: Users\ [username] \Library\Application Support\unity.Syrinscape.Syrinscape Fantasy Player\Chapters.

Note that the [username]\Library folder is hidden. You need to hit “Command-.” to reveal it.

I booted to Target Drive on my old computer (Hold “T” while booting), linked via Thunderbolt cable, and pulled the whole “chapters” file over to the new computer in the same location. It imported all my downloaded soundset files. However, the Custom Moods soundsets did not transfer over. I haven’t found that data just yet. I will update this post if I figure it out.


Hi Ben,
I’m using the Syrinscape Online Soundset Creator to make custom soundsets, but it looks like it still needs to download the files locally?


I’m not Ben, but can confirm it needs to download the soundsets you want to use sounds from - and upload any original/outside sounds in certain formats.

Also, right this minute downloading anything seems to be mostly broken. :frowning: