Syrinscape Online Player (Quick Opinion)

So, just a quick post to say that over the last 1 yr+ I have been a bit reluctant to embrace Syrinscape Online. I just held onto the look and feel of the players and initially got a little overwhelmed by the online player and just didn’t give it much of a chance. I also own 10,000+ sounds that I was never quite clear on how to add into the online player.

I just wanted to say that after spending an hour or so with the Online Player this weekend, I think I’ve changed my opinon. It still is pretty involved and can look overly complicated when you jump into it, but the power of being able to add in my own sounds and create custom soundsets has me really excited.

I’m not sure when I will get to it, but I think I will create a how-to video to show more people how to create your own sounds and import your own tracks. Ben does a great job with some of his videos but I thought it might help to demystify the player a bit and get more folks to use it.

Anyway, thanks again to all of you for all you do!


That’s great to hear @lordgwydione! I’m glad that you’ve given it a try and like what we have done :grin:

The new search engine (available for anyone that has opted into experimental features) is already a huge improvement and we have other features on the way that mean that Syrinscape Online really will be the easiest and best way to get your audio for your online games! We are extremely proud of it and thankful to our great community that have enabled us to keep developing and refining our tools


That’s great to hear. I know what you mean about holding onto the Offline Players, I really love how they look, but the Online Player really opens up a whole new side of Syrinscape and I LOVE making my own custom stuff.

I also do a show on the Syrinscape channel every Tuesday called SoundSet Roulette where I also hope to encourage others to play with the Master Interface and create their own stuff. With the help of the audience, we come up with a random SoundSet each week to be made within an hour. It’s great fun. They’re all up on the Syrinscape YouTube. Theres 8 episodes so far.

Anything that helps more people to take a look at the Online Player or anything that encourages people to give it a go and not be scared of it is all good in my book. I’m glad you’ve given it a go. Feel free to share the video with us if you do one. As Steve said, get in on that Search beta as well. It’s a game changer.


Hello All!

I’ve really been looking at SyrinScape as an option for music and sound effects for my 5E campaigns. I’ve experimented with the free sounds–and love them!

One question I have about the online player (I have players in Oregon, Califorina, and Quebec, Canada) is how to use it with Discord? I’ve searched through the forum, but not being techie (despite my nickname), I’m desperately trying to get a concrete answer on using this with Discord / Roll 20 on a Mac. Is there anyone able to help me out?



If you’re on windows there’s a step by step tutorial with video here: Discord Bot for Syrinscape to get Stereo Sound

Thanks for the reply, @yamahito. Unfortunately, I’m Mac. Was hoping there would be an easy swap, but looks like I’ll need to learn some basic programming…

Hi and welcome to the forum.

The easiest and best way at the moment is to have them create a free account and download the Online Player App. Then you’ll need to send them a link to your game from your Master Interface and they’ll be able to hear every sound you sound to them and they can control their own volume levels as well too so it’s right for them. It only takes a few minutes and is super easy. I know it means having to have another thing open and we realise not everyone remembers to have it open at every game but it really is the simplest and most effective way of sharing Syrinscape with your players at the moment.

We are working on more ways to share audio with your players but those are still in development so stay tuned.

Thanks, Vicki–for both the welcome and for the tip! We’ll give it a go on Wednesday’s session using the online player app…one question: Do the players see what sounds are being played, or is it just an audio stream? Don’t want to tip them off :wink: Thanks!

I’m not a Mac user, but I think Cleanfeed would work. If you take a look at this video I created years ago it should still be relevant. You would need something similar to Voicemeeter for the Mac. I found something promising called Ground Control that you might want to look at here:

I think with Cleanfeed (free version) and Ground Control Room (also looks free but “caster” is paid), you should be able to do the same thing as in my video. You might also be able to do the discord bot with Ground Control.

Let me know if you have questions.

Color me intrigued… :grinning:

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This looks promising as well for audio routing for the Mac…

I’ve been thinking the best solution might be something like a docker container running both the syrinscape online player and the discord bot.

I’m also a mac user, and a techie, and fwiw I’ve not yet had the time to fiddle enough to get the thing working simply on the mac. I’ve been making do with a second discord user on a home server: perhaps this holiday I can finally sort it out!