Syrinscape Online Oneshot Low Volume


That’s great news! Thank you for helping me. Let me know if my process of adding the sounds needs to be done differently in the future.


Hey @kenanmd_2004

Some questions for you:

  1. Can you tell me: did you have Players following your game when you heard this? I experienced it just now, while I was running a game. But My Online Player has return to normal volume balance now.

  2. If the above is true… did you have a Player restart their Online Player… while sound was already playing… or something like that… because we did, and then we noticed the effect.

But… annoyingly now… that may players have left the game… the balance is back to normal.

  1. If you use the Online Player NOW, do you get the same effect?

Thanks in advance!


Hi Benjamin,

Some answers to your questions…

  1. Yes I had players following the game when the problem happened. They all also reported to me the low volume problem (couldnt hear the one shots without maxing out their player volume, which then made the unaffected based syrinscape sounds too loud).

  2. There are indeed times we have to restart out players (due to freezes or other minor glitches). However, to my memory, it happened before and after any restarts to the online playerr.

  3. Now after just playing it this morning, the volumes are A LOT better.

What do you think the problem was? If I notice it again in the future, are there any steps I should follow to correct it? Thank you again for your time.


Also, as we have a game tonight… I am noticing the Soundset “SWFD Character Oneshots” is having this volume problem VERY BADLY. Espcially with all the “Isshwarr” titled oneshots. I even tried recreating the soundset again as “SWFD Character Oneshots Test” and increasing the Soundset volume to 175% and it did not help. This is very odd :confused:


OK! I think I have it nailed down.

Can people try this and let me know if you get the same result…

To reproduce.

  1. Run the standalone Syrinscape Fantasy Player
  2. Install SOUNDSET “eok Arkona Palace”
  3. Run the MOOD “Marai rakshasa battle”
  4. Note what the ELEMENT “Rakshasas” sounds like.
  5. Note the SAMPLE “Dark_Sphinx_complete_processed” in this ELEMENT has “Is 3D” unchecked, which means we should be hearing NO reverb and no positioning.
  6. Yet when we play that same MOOD in the Online Player, the music is SUPER ECHOY and LOUD. There is positioning and reverb applied to this MUSIC ELEMENT that should NOT be.

THANKS in advance!

It is very possible that you need to KILL and RESTART someone’s Online Player to make this bug manifest. Yes?


AND in the meantime I’ve found a work around.

Ensure that music elements where you have samples set to NOT 3D ALSO have Reverb set to OFF!

I’ve done this on “SWFD Custom Voice Tracks”. Check this now… and it should sound right, whether the bug is manifesting or NOT!



Hello Benjamin, sorry for the delayed response! I was out of town. Ok I tried creating a new sound set called ‘SWFD Character One Shots’ with freshly made elements using the same sample files. I turned 3D sound to OFF and I turned reverb to OFF. I just uploaded the soundset. I then closed the Soundset creator and opened the Syrinscape Online player. I tried to play the sounds and they were very low volume again. Im curious to see if you can duplicate that.


Ok so to date, the only thing I can reliably do to make an element composed of a custom sample play on Syrinscape Online at a volume all my players can hear is to make it a ‘Music’ element. ‘One shot’ elements play at super low volume no matter what adjustments I try and make (which include boosting overall soundest volume, turning off 3D sound, Turning off reverb… none of these help). Hopefully this helps you figure out the problem. Turning it to a music element makes it play perfectly at a volume where everyone can hear it. That same sample played as a “one Shot” is too soft in volume for anyone to hear.


OK @kenanmd_2004

OK. We’ve found an additional bug in the Online player Playback. A new build will pushed today… so stay tuned.

As far as I can tell NOW… the Player and Creator AND Online Player are all sounding exactly alike again!

*cross all goblin fingers and toes