Effects to low volume in online player


Hi Guys

All the sound effects in the online player, that is not part of moods are way to low volume compared with the same setup in the standalone application.

As an example try out Starship - Pact Medium - Kevolari Venture start the Cruise mood and hit the Alarm effect. You can barely hear it while in the standalone application it’s loud and clear.


Syrinscape Online Oneshot Low Volume

The volume in the Master Interface is by default set to 60% You can turn it up to globally increase the volume and then just adjust the volume in the Online Player App to adjust the volume to your own needs and your players can do the same in their Online Player


@sammyelal OR do you mean the volume of the OneShots relative to the other effects?


Exactly that I mean the volume of the OneShots relative to the other effects.

Try out the OneShot - Alarm when one of the moods are running in the offline player and the same in the online player there is a huge difference.
The volume seems correct in the offline player.



I am finding this a big issue also. Currently running a DIA campaign and using the online player.

I find that the volume between moods can be quite off. For example, I have to turn up the master volume for taverns, and down for battle music. (I know there should be a difference, but the difference can be quite big!).

I also find that the oneshot elements really get drowned out, especially in battle.

I think one way to solve this would be to have an overall volume for each mood (that isnt the overall top volume). That way we could dampen down one mood, whilst keeping another higher, and could keep the one shots the highest.

Also, it would be great if this could be done through API for integration into other stuff also.


Yup. What we need is a OneShot Master Volume like there is in the standalone-offline players.

We are doing this NOW!

Expect an update soon!

(that’ll let you boost the volume of ALL OneShots by up to double)

:slight_smile: :bug: :hammer:


Wow nice, good job guys :slight_smile:



I still think an individual mood volume would be great also :wink:


Do you think there is any chance of having a mood volume?

My players and I will go into combat, then have to turn volume, then they will miss out on the next rooms music because their volume is down etc.


To keep the volume at a good level I continually tweak the Master Volume in the Master UI Web Interface.

That way YOU mix for YOUR taste… and then the players can make global changes to match their mix of system settings etc.

Does that makes sense?


It does make sense yeah :).

I guess the mood volume thing would be doing this in advanced, but tbh I would probably forget and do what you say anyway :slight_smile:

I think when the oneshot volume enhancer comes out that will help a lot also :).

Thank you!