Syrinscape Online Oneshot Low Volume



I need assistance with my custom sounds I upload to my soundsets. I have recorded them in Adobe audition and they are excellent volume. When done editing, I normalize to -0.1. They play quite loud on my speakers. I then upload to Syrinscape Soundset Creator. They play softer but still acceptable volume.
However, when I actually am using my Syrinscape Online player in game, the sounds are EXTREMELY low volume and despite putting volume up to 100%, my players say they can barely hear anything. I know I can boost the overall volume of the whole soundset, but then the stock sounds from Syrinscape (not my custom ones) will blow out my speakers. I am really unclear why the player on Syrinscape Online lowers the volume on custom sound files so much and how can I correct this?


Hey @kenanmd_2004

Can you let me know the name of the SoundSet and the particular OneShots you are having issues with and I will check them out. :hammer:


Hello! The soundset is SWFD Character Sounds


Were you able to find out anything?


OK. Looking at this now.

Sorry about the delay… busy!


These are super cool sounds! Are they stuff we can share with the community (ie you made then, or public domain) = they’d be cooool for Starfinder!



Looking at the settings in the creator.

I would recommend:
0) Under the SoundSet Inspector (in the Creator) turn up the “Initial Volume” to full because that will boost just that ONE SoundSet

  1. Setting the distance setting to range from 1 to 1 meter (at the moment they can range randomly to quite far away (they will be much softer when they are 10 meters away))
  2. Set the Initial Volume of each element to 100% (did you deliberately set some of them lower?)
  3. OR to get maximum volume out of each sample = turning off “Enable 3d positioning” on each sample" but then you will lose the reverb.

Try some of these things, and re-upload and let me know how you go.