Syrinscape Master/Minion Combo Update


Brilliant news for those waiting for a remote play solution for Syrinscape!

It’s ALIVE!!! Our first big test works brilliantly. This opens up the way for using Syrinscape for remote play and MOST off all being able to control Syrinscape on a tablet and put it in the background without the sound stopping! Congrats Dev Team! Now get it to beta so everybody can play with it! ~Ben

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Very exciting, looking forward to this. Great job, everyone!

Is that Spellcaster - Sorceress an upcoming sound set? Really liked the Spellcaster music song.


Spellcaster - Sorceress is actually from the Board Game player. :smiley:


Well now I feel stupid. Thanks, HECook!


Don’t be! Now go cast Acquisition! :wink:


I’m super excited about this! Good work!


Eagerly awaits a beta invite. :smile:

In the meantime…


+1 for beta invite! :smile:


I’ve been waiting for this!

I would love to contribute to the beta. I plan on running a Strange Aeons game within the next few months with the Syrinscape soundboards for it. My group is split between the US and the UK so master/minion mode would be incredible for this. I also have a background in software development and QA so I’m confident that I could help identify any bugs that I run across (shameless self-plug). :smiley:


@benjamin Quick question, if you play something via the syrinscape:// URI on the “Master” client, will it still launch/send to the “minion” client?


@jamz Yes that would be the intention. All the integration that we have already got working should still function. It’s all such useful stuff!


Woot. I knew you wouldn’t let us down. :smile:

So, next question, can there me a 2nd Master? Or a Master/Master/Minion(s)? Sometimes a “Player” will help out a GM out by queuing up those tavern sounds for him and such.

Not a deal breaker but also not sure if it’s a “use case” you are exploring?


When can we expect to get our hands on it. Playing and streaming only online rounds at the moment I really need this to use Syrinscape at all.


I’m in the same situation. I know how you feel :grin:


Our Dev team are hard at work on this so we are hoping to have at the very least a beta out before the end of the year! Keep an eye on the forums for more news as we get it :slight_smile:


[click] Yes. Definitely heading pretty well for a beta in November… [double click]

Or earlier… [click click]

  • Scolds self… for raising expectation… :smiley:

Stay tuned!!!


Is it done yet?
How about now?
How about now?

(TL:DR - I think this is what you can call an “eagerly awaited development” :slight_smile: )


Just over the next hill
Five more minutes…

Ok slightly longer than that but development is going really well so the November beta is looking good and we will be wanting lots of testers :slight_smile:


Yeah. Nov is still looking good for either an open or closed beta. Either way… everyone on these forums will be in on it! :smile:

I’m almost ready to do another demo video.

Got to control 3 different remote Minion Players the other day. AND we’ve done all the game setting up/friending/multiple different GMs running different games that now don’t interfere with each other.

So exciting!


Oh man, excited about this. Sign me up.