Syrinscape and OBS conflict?

I am trying to set OBS up for recording a online D&D game. I have Fantasy Grounds, Spotify, VLC, Syrinscape, Voicemeeter Banana running at the same time. When I hit record, a few seconds pass and the sound stops in my headset, but continues being recorded. I don’t seem to have the problem if Syrinscape is not running, but I don’t understand why it causes a problem

We use OBS ourselves when making our demo videos and things so it’s most likely not any kind Syrinscape/OBS conflict. I would suspect it’s more to do with the number of audio programs you are running and the channel set up in Voicemeter.

Some of the info in this thread might be of help; HERE

@Gwydion is this something that you have come across when broadcasting?

Hmmmm. Sounds like an audio routing issue. Unfortunately my computer is getting old and I’m having to troubleshoot it while I’m out of town. Give me a couple days and I can probably help you in a private discord chat.

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Here is a link to my discord. If you want to join and on me there that would be a start. I’d like to seen screenshots of the following if possible:

Discord voice settings
Default windows sound settings

I think that would be a start if you are interested.


Sorry for the late reply, I was on the road all day. Thanks for the help and I will send the screenshots tomorrow.


Thanks, the discord invite is not working

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Trying again.

I might not respond tonight. Past my bedtime. But will when I can!

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here is solution to resolve discord voice issues and frame drops in OBS-
update OBS version
update drivers
connect to ethernet
Disable the Windows Game bar and DVR.
If you are recording and streaming at the same time, disable one of those options.
check for voice setting and tweak them.

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