Syrinscape and FG on Linux

I wanted to make a new topic for this to make it easier to find.

For Linux users who use my Fantasy Grounds Syrinscape Sounds extension and the Syrinscape Online player, I have created a simple Syrinscape Online player URI handler, so that sounds triggered in Fantasy Grounds will be picked up and played properly. I have only tested this on Ubuntu and I am not a Linux guru, so I can’t guarantee it with any other version of linux.

Source Code and files:

For Linux users who use the Fantasy or Sci-Fi players, another community member has developed a URI handler for them. Linux URI handling


Thanks for sharing this @mattekure :grin:

Heya Matt! This is good; I’m always glad to see support within the Linux community!

I’d like to merge this functionality into the URI handler that you referenced, if that wouldn’t be stealing your thunder. I actually mostly use Syrinscape Online right now.

From looking at your code, it seems that Fantasy Grounds uses syrinscape-online: URIs, includes the prefix, and also already has the auth token included. Is that correct?

I don’t know anything about Fantasy Grounds; I’ve only used Roll20 and Foundry myself. Is the syrinscape-online functionality built into the core application, or is it a third-party module? Do you know of anything else that uses the same URI scheme?

Absolutely. Feel free to use it however you like. Fantasy Grounds does not handle it natively, but I wrote the syrisncape extension for fantasy grounds, so all the links that it triggers use syrinscape-online: URIs, and includes the prefix and auth code. These are required for the URIs to work.

The URI is the exact same one used by Syrinscapes REST API. If you just change syrinscape-online: to https:, and add the auth token, you can open that in a browser and syrinscape online will begin playing back the sound you reference.

the syrinscape-online: URI is what is used by the windows client as the URI handler, so it picks up those links. FG does not have the ability to make web calls directly without opening a browser window, so trying to use the https links would get very annoying with new browser tabs opening for every sound. This little script doesnt even interact with the syrinscape online app itself at all, it just handles the URI, changes it to https and uses CURL to make a REST call on it.

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I recently pushed an update to my FG Syrisncape extension and this type of URI handler is no longer needed for Mac/Linux users who are using Syrinscape Online. The new method directly uses the web API so technically, you dont even need the client open to trigger sounds (although you wont hear anything without it running).