Syrinscape and Discord (Updated)


Morning, all! I decided to put together some new videos on how to setup Syrinscape with Discord. I have three updated videos as follows:

#1 - Syrinscape with Discord using VM (through your mic):

#2 - Syrinscape with Discord using VM (separate from your mic):

#3 - Syrinscape with Discord using Virtual Audio Cable only (separate from your mic):

I still recommend cleanfeed as in my mind the best option, but I know a lot of people still use discord so I thought these might help. Enjoy!


Fantastic, thanks for doing these @lordgwydione :grin:


Slightly easier than two different Discord installs - run one in a browser session. We tested that today with the Syrinscape user in the Chrome tab and it worked flawlessly.


Hi. I just tried your technique 3 (creating a separate Discord account to connect Syrinscape using a virtual cable) and am running in to challenges. When I have my Windows sound output to the virtual cable input, I can load Syrinscape and play sounds and I can see the meter on the mic check in Discord move showing that it’s working (but I can’t hear them myself).

But when I set my windows system sound back to my headphones so I can hear things, it stops working. I can hear Syrinscape through my headphones b/c its play on on my local machine but it’s not showing up in the Discord channel through the virtual cable.

Could there be something going on where Syrinscape switches sounds devices after loading? Maybe a recent windows update or something? I’m running Windows 10 v 1909.


Hey @brian.weeden. I think we just need to tweak a setting.

Before you launch syrinscape, do you switch the windows default output to Cable Input? Then as soon as syinscape launches do you switch it back to your speakers? If you do that, as long as your two discord instance are set up correctly it sholdl work.

No, Syrinscape shouldn’t be switching sound devices after loading. If you are going through the process of switching your playback/output in windows as described above before you launch syrinscape and it isn’t working, can you post screenshots of your two discord instances? I’ll review and see if I see something wrong.


There is one easy solution that I haven’t seen here that a friend taught me. You can either use the Online Player or the downloaded players. This works great for anyone who isn’t comfortable trying to set up VACs.

  1. Open up your player of choice
  2. Go into your Discord settings.
  3. Open up “Game Activity” and click “add it”. Use the dropdown to select your player.
  4. Exit discord settings
  5. In your discord voice chat you can then “stream” your player.
  6. Tell all your players to watch your stream and boom, done.

The online player doesn’t show what soundsets you are using but the downside is you have to have the online control panel open. I prefer using the Fantasy Player running myself but either option works.


I had changed it but not the default :slight_smile:

One more question - if you close Syrinscape, you need to redo this process, right?


Yep. I made a comment on this in another forum. You’re right. Pretty good, simple option!


Yes, unfortunately you do.