Strange Aeons AP?


I’m probably jumping the gun here, but is there a Strange Aeons AP sound set coming out?

If so, it’s something that would make me re-sub for the duration of.




We are doing Curse of the Crimson Throne next, but yeah, Wes’ working in Chapter 1 of Strange Aeons is pretty amazing!


New subscriber. Syrinscape is amazing!

I would also love a Strange Aeons soundset. Pleaaase!


We hear you! :smile:

Also, keep suggestions coming… the noisier you are, and the more people asking for the same thing, the more likely it is to happen!


I would just call this a Cthulhu Sound Set. If it works for Strange Aeons, it would also work nicely for Arkham/Eldritch Horror and anything from that gendre. Paizo said this Adventure Path would be practically lifted from HP Lovecraft material, so I believe there is some cross over usage here.


Any updates on this Ben? :smile:


Looking pretty much like we’ll be doing Strange Aeons… everyone’s very keen on the idea at Paizo!


There will be an Yithian in my game pretty soon, it would be pretty nice to have something about this creature, specially because I guess nobody imagines what kind of sound this aberration produces :smiley:


Is there an ETA on this yet, Ben?

I’m trying to keep an eye out so I don’t miss anything.



Our first “Strange Aeons” SoundSet will come out near the end of Jan 2017.

*excited dance on the spot


Thanks Ben!

Syrinscape fhtagn…


Just watched the YouTube video…

Very excited! :smile:


Reckon I should release my initial work (eg Tension levels) drafts as community content right now?

@Steve @DMG @new_vision


Yes! (and here are some extra words to hit the limit and repeat YES!) :smile:

Pretty please :cookie: :cake:


I wouldn’t say no… :smile:


OK. Done.

Can you see it.

It’s called “SA Refuge of dreamers”



Awesome! hits download button


Thanks Ben!

Listening to it now.


That sounds awesome! I love the tension levels Nice one Ben! or should that say ‘horrible one’ :smile:


Hey guys, I have just recently heard of Syrinscape and the work that you do with Paizo on the adventure path sound sets and I’m really excited about it. I am especially excited because I will be starting a Strange Aeons campaign sometime in the near future and I’m looking forward to integrating the work you have done there into my campaign.

As I am very new to the community, I was wondering what the best way to stay apprised of the progress towards sets for the rest of the books of the adventure path would be, as well as how long it typically takes for a new set to come out when doing an adventure path?

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.

P.S. I love the idea of the tension levels. :smile: The set looks amazing!