Store Verification Email Help? - Resolved


I am attempting to purchase a couple new soundsets and keep getting a notification on my screen that I need to click a link in my email, however the email hasn’t shown up in any inbox or spam folder and it’s been over an hour. Just curious if anyone else has had this happen lately, if this is normal, etc.


Hey @masterfulmoose,

I’ve verified you manually… since… you certainly seem to be human! If not, then GOOD JOB, bot! :wink: You first registered in March last year, so it’s not surprising the verification email has gone missing.

Let me know if it’s all working for you now.


Thank you so much!! I never would have guessed it was an email sent last March, no wonder I couldn’t find it. :sweat: But yes, everything is working great now!


I am having the same issue, and I suspect it’s from a similar complication - that I first registered long ago and the verification email is long gone. I never noticed it. Now I’m more serious about wanting to delve into syrinscape, so I will be grateful for any help. Thanks.


My gosh @antilles107 Yes, you joined in 2016!!! :slight_smile:

Should be working now!

Have fun! :pizza: