Starfinder Dead Suns: Temple of the Twelve Soundset


We’ll push Paizo to get this review done by Jan 21st!



Just poked around the set and you guys did an excellent job. Can’t wait for Splintered Worlds!


Awesome, thanks @auramancer1247! Glad you are enjoying it :grin:

I especially enjoyed getting the kaukarikis voice recorded! Lots of fun was had lol


I love the castrovel music title, it suits rly perfectly as well as the kaukariki sounds, awesome! But as much as i enjoy the set (maybe i will play the module again some time) there are a few decisions that i cant get my head around.

  1. The Ksarik sounds just like a tiger, but i thought about it as a big tentacle plant type of beast with a more guttural, more slurpy (is this a word?) type of “roar”
  2. Tahomen, from the visual perspective of the book, has big fangs/teeth and could fall in some kind of blood rage. I thought about him as someone with a more aggressive or wilder voice (he even sounds a bit female :sweat_smile:)


I love the kaukariki sounds, they get the monkey-bat-scorpion thing exactly how i thought it would! I’m curious what actually went into them. Foley work was always really interesting to me :smiley:


@Steve thoughts on about thoughts? :slight_smile:


Everybody! [trumpets]

Splintered Worlds is live for our lovely Subscribers.

Once I get all the description pages etc done, then it will be purchasable on our store.