Starfinder Dead Suns: Temple of the Twelve Soundset


Yes I’m really sorry for the delay on this one but it is coming. The Pathfinder Playtest soundpacks unfortunately set me back much more than I’d anticipated. During the playtest we’ve been releasing the ppt soundpacks for it every two weeks, and each of the chapters for it is getting larger.

2018 has been a really busy year with lots of things going off but I promise it will be released by the beginning of November, as soon as I’m back from Spiel Essen and chapter 3 will follow very closely behind that.


Where can I find you at Spiel Essen? Looking forward to meet you.
Hope you can keep the promises and catch up on dead suns. Any plans for future Starfinder Content?


We will be in hall 6, booth L112 - from what it looks like it’s the faaaaaaaaar end of the hall. :wink:


Any word on the sound set for Temple of Twelve? My group is about to start book 2 in a week or 2 so I’m hoping the other soundsets for the adventure path might be released soon.


@Steve? :grin:

…extra characters…


Masks Chapter two has now gone off to Chaosium for approval so now that’s done I’m finishing off Temple of the Twelve. Still aiming for it to be released by the first half of this month.


Any updates on this one?..


The set will be going to Paizo for review in the next couple of days, then released as soon as they give it the go ahead.


Nice! Were already done with this one, but im interested if i can reuse those sets for the upcoming AP parts


Part 3 is also under way so should be out by the end of next month :slight_smile:


Any word from Paizo on when this will go live? My group is starting book 2 in two weeks and I’d love to get that jungle goodness in their ears.


It should definitely be back and out by then :slight_smile:


Any update on this? It’s been almost a month.


It is at Paizo for reviewing. Maybe there is a delay due to the holiday season, but as the regular work season starts soon, it should be out shortly.

Part 3 - Splintered Worlds will follow shortly after. It is already done and will go to Paizo for reviewing probably next week. :face_with_monocle:


Yeah. Just waiting on Paizo.

*tap tap tap


@hvs Revision to this.

I’ve made it live for all Sci-fi and Super Subs. If any changes come through we can run an update.

Hope you like them!!! :smiley: :slight_smile: :space_invader:



Still, I got to spend some time making my own with the creator … dejected sigh


Splintered Worlds will follow shortly after. So you’re maybe covered there at least?


Same here, already in Book 3, hopefully this wont be delayed for 6 months :wink:


Book three is almost done. It’s just gone up to Paizo for reviewing :slight_smile: