Starfinder Dead Suns: Temple of the Twelve Soundset


Hey guys, how’s the progress on the upcoming Starfinder Dead Suns AP Book 2 Soundset? :slight_smile:


Hm … wrong info on my site? Will you release soundsets for the other Dead Suns books after all?


Yep we will, I’m working on it at the minute :grin:


Awesome! I think it will take quite a while til it hits the road so i guess i have to bridge time :sweat_smile:


Any news on this one? :slight_smile:


According to the schedule
it should arrive in July.


Yep this one is looking at a July Release date, I’m working on it now

Part Three should then follow a lot quicker! With development of the Master Minion and the new Chaosium content things have been none-stop, which is a GOOD thing :smile:


Ah, ok sry havent checked that page in a while.
Sadly we will be completing the second book in the midst of june i guess :-/


did this release yet? I am having trouble finding it.


Nope, sorry. With the release of our Call of Cthulhu content and my wedding I got a bit delayed on this one I’m afraid. I’m trying to get it finished up at the moment and should have it out by the start of September at the latest :slight_smile:


Any update? My group is almost here and it’d be great to have the soundset ready to go.

Congrats on the wedding Steve!


My group’s entering the temple on tuesday and im curious if i could use the upcoming soundset at least for the last chapter? Maybe release tommorrow? :sweat_smile:


Any update on this one? :confused:


:neutral_face: Hm i guess i wont be able to use any upcoming official ap material for dead suns, cause my group outspeeded youre – sry but much – delayed release schedule. Is there a chance that Starfinder will get more support and faster releases in the near future?


It’s Mid-October now … just a reminder ->


As far as I know, @Steve knows, when everyone is able to enter the temple. There were delays in drift travel to reach the planet (now Goblins are even ruining space travel!) - but the course is still set.


The last response from Steve was “Start of September at the latest”. After that, zero communication for over a month, after being delayed 3 months now.

For those kind of users like myself who subscribed cause of these official soundsets for dead suns its kind of a downer being put off that many times without getting new information. Sry @new_vision but youre posting doesnt do any good for me.

Dont get me wrong, i rly like Syrinscape and i appreciate the hard work from all you guys, but i dont see an advantage anymore by preparing my own soundsets with a still sloppy creator, rather than just prepare playlists in – for example – roll20 without an extra monthly fee.


This one is for @Steve. He’s the one preparing these, and I gather he is veeeeery close.

As for me, all I can say is soooooo sorry for the delay, @alcarin, as you know we’ve had a lot of extra stuff going on in the Fantasy Player, supporting Pathfinder’s Playtest and with the launch of the D&D content etc

Contact me, @alcarin on benjamin at syrinscape dot com and I’ll sort out some kind of fair compensation for the delay. Same goes for others on this thread.


As for the Creator, things are progressing, and believe me we are burning dev cash as fast as we possibly can. You’re gonna love what we’ll be able to do with the new Creator features coupled with the direct server access capabilities of the Online Player.

Note: Every SoundSet we create is made using the Creator… so if there are some more hints you need to work out how to work with it smoothly, you should start a thread and ask some good questions. There are are few places where you have to be gentle with it, but it is an amazing tool that I use almost every day.


Hey Ben!
Be sure that it wasnt my intention to sneakily grab a discount or some kind of fair compensation as you called it with my post. Thank you, rly, Its a nice offer, but i dont want to be that kind of customer, who tries to get the most out of it while crying about his displeasure.

Be more transparent and active in youre “support” (in the boards or update the schedule plan, these kind of things that shows us, that there is still someone behind this).
If there is a huge deal with another company that leads to a delay of already announced products: thats fine, cause its just business.
But: In the first place it might be cool to just inform your customers, that the other products will be delayed. After 3 months there should be a more specific time designation than “soon”.

For the Creator: I hope so, cause there is so much unexploited potential and i know that you mentioned youre plans for this tool in another thread, so i’ll wait patiently for more to come. Maybe in the meantime i’ll write down some shareable feedback to explain my used term in the post above, if you like.