Starfinder Dead Suns: Temple of the Twelve Soundset


Hey guys, how’s the progress on the upcoming Starfinder Dead Suns AP Book 2 Soundset? :slight_smile:


Hm … wrong info on my site? Will you release soundsets for the other Dead Suns books after all?


Yep we will, I’m working on it at the minute :grin:


Awesome! I think it will take quite a while til it hits the road so i guess i have to bridge time :sweat_smile:


Any news on this one? :slight_smile:


According to the schedule
it should arrive in July.


Yep this one is looking at a July Release date, I’m working on it now

Part Three should then follow a lot quicker! With development of the Master Minion and the new Chaosium content things have been none-stop, which is a GOOD thing :smile:


Ah, ok sry havent checked that page in a while.
Sadly we will be completing the second book in the midst of june i guess :-/


did this release yet? I am having trouble finding it.


Nope, sorry. With the release of our Call of Cthulhu content and my wedding I got a bit delayed on this one I’m afraid. I’m trying to get it finished up at the moment and should have it out by the start of September at the latest :slight_smile:


Any update? My group is almost here and it’d be great to have the soundset ready to go.

Congrats on the wedding Steve!


My group’s entering the temple on tuesday and im curious if i could use the upcoming soundset at least for the last chapter? Maybe release tommorrow? :sweat_smile: