Soundset Creator error not starting - RESOLVED


I am having some issues starting Soundset Creator. I am on windows 10. On the install I get a message: Unable to execute file C:Program Files (x86)\Syrinscape SoundSet Creator.exe CreateProcess failed; code 5. Access is denied.

I have gone through a few threads here trying the solutions that worked for others, but so far nothing has worked. It looks like the program has access through my firewall. I have installed it as administrator. I keep getting a message of connecting, reconnecting and disconnected by host. I’m not sure what else to try. Thank you for your help.


Well my troubleshooting continues. I have un-installed and re-installed several times now. I don’t get an access denied message now but I am still getting the connecting…disconnected by Host loop. When I try to start Syrinscape Creator from the start menu shortcut or a desktop shortcut (created at install) I get a Problem with Shortcut message.


Hmmm, having to run it as administrator is usually the last option, it should work with the normal Windows install process and acknowledging during the install process.

Maybe something is simply wrong with the downloaded file? Have you tried redownloading the installer?

Another maybe would be, that your antivirus solution intervenes and doesn’t let the install process go through.

Have you checked, if there is any file at all at the location, the shortcut points to?


Hello, I re-downloaded the installer and had the same result. It seems like my antivirus (I am using McAfee) is blocking it somehow, but it is on the list of programs allowed through the firewall. I did noticed that there is no file named Syrinscape SoundSet Creator .exe but there is one called player.exe. When I open that one I get the connecting…disconnecting loop. Thank you for your help with this.


From what it seems like, something is interfering with the installation process, most likely the AV. There SHOULD be an .exe for the Creator.


Yes it looks like your AVP is the problem, it seems to be quarantining the files that Syrinscape needs to correctly install. It may be worth disabling it for a very short time whilst you install the Creator (Directly from our website)

We do have an article about AVP’s in the FAQ, which you might find useful. You can find it HERE It refers to Norton AVP but really covers all types of AVP software. I had similar problems with Mcaffee on my laptop.

Let us know if it works for you :slight_smile:


Thank you. That was exactly it. McAfee quarantines the Syrinscape Soundset Creator.exe. I had to un-quarantine the file but every time I clicked on the file McAfee would just quarantine it again. The McAfee site suggested to turn off Real time scanning when using the program. Turning that off is allowing the program to run. Thank you for everyone’s help.