Sounds set organization request


I have been a SuperSyrin subscriber for a few years now (since Jan. 19, 2015) …I am getting a ton of sound. Is there a way to maybe create a folder structure in the UI? Maybe grouping all the connected sound sets together? Like all the Adventure Path sets together. or all the Starfinder? or something like that. This would be a much appreciated upgrade for those of us with a lot of content :slight_smile:

lol I also have a ton of trouble getting the acronyms right…Is there a Key some where?


We have a list of all the acronyms in the FAQ on the main website. If you scroll down you should find everything you need.

Our wonderful Soundset Sage @HeCook has done campaigns for every need that you can install and choose from. You might check this forum entry for details.



the FAQ appears to missing quite a few acronyms…TTOT, MON1 -1, … can we get it updated please.

So are you saying that we can use Campaigns to organize the content? I see that I can import campaigns but is there a way to search of global campaigns to import? I am thinking everyone is doing the same thing… grouping things together for easier use. I would be great if there were a bunch of out of the box campaigns grouping the common sets together :slight_smile:
I still think a folder structure in the UI would go a long way to solve this issue…looking I have over 500 sound sets available :slight_smile:


That’s what I created all the soundsets in that “generic soundsets” thread for. There isn’t global campaigns as of yet (I believe it’s something that’s slated for future development), so I made them. That thread @new_vision posted contains every campaign I’ve done. I’ve grouped according to adventure paths, type, and theme - all monsters and fight sets, all location sets, all music sets, as well as things for a dungeon, forest, city, desert, etc. If you’d like me to post a single post with all of my current campaigns in it, I can do that later tonight.


Those campaigns are helpful, but we really need a way to organize soundsets together inside of the player, not just via the Syrinscape website. Having to jump back and forth between the two is way too much hassle.