Sounds saved via add option do not save to Custom Moods?


I’m thoroughly confused on this topic and whether this is a bug or something I’m missing here. I have a bunch of downloaded sets, (paid for) and I merely want to save particular sounds from each into a custom category via Iphone/Ipad. When I attempt to use the “+” option in the Custom category it’s unresponsive and If I use the add option in the downloaded sound set to retag the sound for a Custom Mood, it offers me the ability to save the Custom Mood, but… in the saves it to the initial category I’m accessing it from, which essentially duplicates it with a different name.

I’m aware there’s a “creator” you can download, which might be what’s needed to synchronize what I’m attempting to do (not sure)? If so, do I need a subscription? I’m finding it unusually difficult to navigate this website, forum, so forgive me in advance for not knowing where to look on this subject.


Hi @Fretfighter to save a custom mood you have to be in a soundset that has a element actively playing. So to save a mood in one of the Custom Mood category you will need to set ‘Enigmatic Silence’ running, then you can hit the + symbol. On the top right of the player there is a one shot called ‘info’ which explains it in more detail or you can click the i symbol on the bottom left of the screen to bring up the credits, which have written instructions.

Just be aware though that custom moods are only meant as a temporary step, such as game prep or saving a series of sounds at the end of your game. To make proper custom soundsets that you can sync between devices and that are saved on the server you will need the Syrinscape Soundset Creator which is available to all of our Supersyrin subscribers.

Take a look HERE for more details or HERE for a really old video of Ben :slight_smile: