Sound files Directory

Is there any way to configure the installation directory for the sound files?
I use a small SSD as my C: drive and would like to change them somewhere else.

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You should be able to configure this in Windows. It may be a bit of a techie type solution, but I’m sure if you ask Google, you might find something.

I’ll look too!

Anyone else know?

Thanks for answering :), I found some info on how to move my local appdata but it required to move all of it, but it turned out to be only 1.2 GB, so I think I can handle that, I confess I was panicking because I thought it was going to be way more than that.

Yeah… and I reckon once it doubles (over the next while) there’ll be stuff you can clear, as you definitely don’t need it.

This is definitely a feature that needs to be added, not only in Windows, but also in the Android version. On my tablet, it defaulted to my device storage instead of giving me the option to store sound files to the Micro SD card on my tablet, which has considerably more space,

Yep. We hear you! :smile: We’ll definitely do this one when we can!

Any luck implementing this feature yet?

No, not yet, but it’s on our list to do.

NOTE: If this thread gets to 50 people saying they’d like it too, then it definitely WOULD happen this year. :slight_smile:

In the meantime, use the CLEAR data feature as much as you can.

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Revive this post. Obviously this needs to be a standard feature, telling a piece of software where to store data is essential, especially if you like to keep the SSD windows drive clear.

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Hey @Jiminimonka,

Don’t miss this post:

ANd all the other posts in ProTips as well, for that matter. :smile:

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I’d like to add my voice asking for the ability to save the sound data to external storage on Android.


We are actually moving away from LARGE amounts of locally stored data.

IF you are able to play with a good internet connection, you’ll be able to run sound with Master/Minion Minion. The Minion will download only the samples it needs now, and it will do it ON THE SPOT. Cache data will still build up eventually, but will be easily cleared.

Cool ,huh?! :slight_smile:

Put me down as another who would like the data to be stored externally for android. While the not having to store locally can be nice, it is a problem for me. Our current host for games does not have Wi-Fi, and isn’t looking to get it anytime soon. I have literally uninstalled everything I can on my (admittedly small storage) tablet, and I still can’t download all the soundsets. Yes, I am aware that I can simply clear out unneeded sets, but this is quite inconvenient. I would much rather be able to have them all there, in case the adventure goes off in an unexpected direction.

Same here. I use it on my Android tablet as there isn’t a Linux version and would love to be able to move the sound files to SD card.

In fact… with the Android Version of the Minion Player, you will no longer have to actually have large amounts of stored SoundSet data on your phone at all.

The Minion Player just downloads the stuff it needs right now from the server.

So you’ll have to options:

  1. Don’t want to need wi-fi, use the original Standalone Players
  2. Want to store less data and even be able to run Syrinscape remotely from a browser anywhere, use the Syrinscape Master/Minion.

Sounds good?


But saving the files on an external SD Card on an Android device would be much more nicer.

Noted. :slight_smile:

Yeah, I’d like to be able to save files onto my SD card on my phone. I’m trying out sound sets while in my car and my data limits get chewed up unless I can have local storage.

In Unix, you can create links to files in a different location. When you access the link it is the same as accessing the original file. Perhaps, you can put links in the internal storage to the actual files on the SD card.

Also, I would love to see a “download only on Wi-Fi” setting. YouTube premium has this and it rawks. You can mark to download but it waits until you have a wifi connection to actually do it.

Another thing that would save bandwidth (thus more money to give to syrinscape instead of my phone provider) would be the ability to see what is in soundsets that have not been installed yet on my phone. Not much worse than downloading an 85MB set that looks promising from the name but isn’t what you are looking for. Searching for the soundset in the store often doesn’t find the title I’m actually looking at in the app and slows things down (especially if the app reloads when I go back to it or just if the soundset list goes back to the top and I need to scroll/find where I was).


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Just chiming in: I would like be able to tell Syrinscape where to save its sound files, too.

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A good place to test this would be on the Store page for the SoundSet… you’ll be able to see a list of all the Moods and Elements AND watch a short YouTube Demo.