Sound effects missing, only get a horizontal scrollbar - RESOLVED


Started up Syrinscape for a game and the bottom left sound effect buttons are missing. I typically don’t use them, but today’s session has a couple places where they’d be handy. I’ve tried restarting the app, logging out and back in, etc. All I get is a horizontal scroll bar, and the slider is off the end. I’ve looked in the menu, but don’t see a setting where I might have accidentally minimized it.



Install Bugbear battle real quick - it has the basic global oneshots in it, ready for you to use! :slight_smile:


Boom! There it is! You’re a game saver!

(If the players get to a certain point, it’ll trigger the next chapter of the module and I plan on using the Fire Spell as an explosion sound effect and then “See you next session.”)


You can find the full list HERE of where to find the global oneshots :slight_smile:


Thanks for the link.

The good ol’ Wilhelm Scream. Great for totally derailing a fight yet very worth it.