Slowdown & Bad Gateways - RESOLVED

Hey guys, I’m guessing this is residual issues from Gencon but seems like there have been a lot of timeouts, bad gateways (502), and general slowness (taking over an hour to upload a small soundset).

It’s getting difficult to use the service and as a subscriber, I’m really hoping for better reliability than this. I have a game in 2 days and I’m wanting to be prepped. It’s been kind of bad since Gencon but tonight is unusable. Any assistance out there?

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I’m in the same boat, I have a game tonight and wanted to create some custom sounds for it and I’ve just not been able to use the soundset creator at all. It’s been a week. I’ve tried downloading soundsets for the creator at various times of day and I’m constantly met with errors telling me the download has failed.

I even went so far as to completely remove anything related to Syrinscape from my system and starting from fresh just incase I had a local issue with my setup.

I’ve had to revert to downloading sounds from youtube and mashing them together in audio editing software, which isn’t what I’m paying a Syrinscape subscription for. Sadly, even if this issue was fixed today I won’t have enough time before my game to get my sounds up and running.

I love Syrinscape and always have, my loyalty as a customer keeps me from creating too big of a fuss over this but that doesn’t mean I don’t feel disappointed at the moment. I literally re-subbed just before these issues begun and I’ve not been able to use the service I’ve paid for. Sad panda.

OK. All should be working again now? Check for me!

Traffic basically doubled because of D&D Licence and Gen Con. We had head room for 75% extra traffic, but 100% did us in!

Still working on how to cope with continued, strong and sometimes unexpected growth!

As me, seems like it should be simple and straightforward to really cover a BIG chunk, but apparently we do a lot of quite complicated things…! Which makes things more complicated than just turn the dials further to the right!

As always… THANK YOU for your patience, we will try to do better!


Love the work you do, Ben. Sorry for moaning <3

(P.S - working now! Happy Panda)


We’ve got it on it’s feet for now, but there are some much more significant changes we are making soon, which will lighten the load on the servers significantly, which should stop this happening again… mostly… you never can tell with servers… :zipper_mouth_face:

Thanks for the work you guys are doing. I won’t be able to give it a go until tonight, but hopefully things are smoothed over. I’m a web designer so I know how those unexpected explosions can go. Hopefully the changes coming up will help out… in the mean time, congrats on the growth. I’ve been a sub for quite some time so I’m happy to see you guys growing up all big and strong lol.

Thanks folk for your understanding and support!

The Dev team are all getting some well earned rest now but I’ve been putting the Creator through its paces this morning and it all seems to be working well again now. If you do run across any further problems though let us know with as much detail as possible and we will get them back on it :slight_smile: