'Share audio' link isn't available

Hi all! After using Syrinscape as a player, I’ve just recently purchased a subscription and am trying to set up a series of soundscapes to use as a DM. However, I’m having some issues - most notably that I can’t get the ‘share audio’ link to appear.

On the web player page it’s shown as appearing in the top-right dropdown menu, above ‘my account’ and ‘store’.

And below is a screenshot from my own master page.

As you can see, there’s no ‘share audio’ link visible. I’m a SuperSyrin Subscriber, I’ve got several soundsets created, and I’ve created a campaign. The only thing I can think may be causing the issue is that I haven’t moved any of the soundsets into the campaign - mainly because I can’t find an option to do that - but that’s a frustration for another day!

Any advice please? Thanks!

It looks like your screen pic is of Syrinscape Online. For the new Web Player you need to click on the "Play Now button on our website or visit; https://app.syrinscape.com/

As for setting up campaigns, that’s all handled through the “Campaigns” section on the website. This thread tells you how to do that :grin: