Setting up a campaign, confused!

Okay, trying to figure this out. I’ve created a new campaign. I’ve loaded some soundsets into it. That’s all okay. I can’t edit those soundsets, though, and I want to have a general one that’s just background music. So I Duplicate an official one, which then gives me the ability to upload samples, right? Except… where is it? It doesn’t get added to the campaign automatically (the original is still there) and I can’t find it anywhere!

Thanks for your feedback. This appears to be an oversight on our part where the duplicated soundset is not automatically added to the same campaigns as the original.

I’ve added this to our work list. I can’t promise when we will get to it, but it should be an easy fix.

In the meantime, you should be able to find the duplicate in Master Interface soundsets list (with no campaign selected) and in the Campaign Manager. It’s name should be the same as the original with a (custom) or (custom N) suffix.

Just implemented a change so that duplicating a SoundSet will now replace the original SoundSet with the copy in all the Campaigns the original was in. Any existing duplicates will still need to be found as per sonofconan’s suggestion above, but hoping this helps in the future!

Great, thanks! This will help speed things up a lot.