[Master Interface] Now Bigger, Smaller, and more Hidden

The Master Interface has picked up several small tweaks to hopefully make it a nicer place for everyone to work in.

Master Interface:

  • Duplicating a SoundSet the belongs to a Campaign will now replace the original SoundSet for the duplicated version in all Campaigns. Previously the duplicated SoundSet would not appear if you were filtered by a Campaign, since it was not automatically added to the Campaign. :card_index_dividers:
  • The SoundSet artwork is now automatically hidden, should it cover too much of the SoundSet/Mood list, and cutting down on the need to scroll up and down. Resizing your Master Interface window can make it appear and disappear, like magic. :art:
  • Small too small? Large too large? You may appreciate that we added two more size increments for the Element coins. Previously we had Small, Medium and Large. We inserted 2 more sizes, between Small and Medium, and Medium and Large, and then renamed these 5 sizes to: Tiny, Small, Medium, Large, Huge. :signal_strength:
  • Custom OneShots now reset their Playing state a short time after they are clicked on. Long time users may remember that this was a feature some time ago, but was lost at some point and we did not notice since all official content gets a custom coin icon that covers the White/Blue colouring of the Element. Oops. Fixed! Click Click Click Click Click Click :dart:

Let us know if these small changes make your life any easier! :speech_balloon: