Routing Syrin App into Specific Audio Output? Is it possible? Can it be? - RESOLVED


Hi first time poster (long time user).
I am trying to rout the Syrinscape App into a specific audio output. I am trying to give Syrinscape its own output into my GoXLR. I think it would work amazingly through that mixer. That way the audio does not have to touch the system default sounds. The same benefit could be had for those using Voice Meter with its virtual cable solutions. I rout the cables myself virtually through the GoXLR and push it to the players as well as its own output to a broadcast.

As far as I can see there is no way of doing this. As it only goes to the defaults system audio device. Is there anyway people know to change this? Or can this be a feature for later?

Thanks in Advance
Karsh the Goblin


Yes, it is possible, but it does require some additional (free) software for now. I believe they are working on adding the capability to select your audio output device for a future update.

Assuming you are on Windows, the solution I have used involves installing the following:
VB Audio Cable:

Voicemeeter and the VB audio cable work to route the audio. Nircmd is used to run a batch script that switches the default audio device, launch syrinscape (so it binds to the new audio device), then switches the default audio device back to what you want. I documented everything on how I set it up here, just ignore all the parts dealing with Fantasy Grounds or Cleanfeed for what you are doing.


Yes, selecting your output is one of the improvements that we are looking at. For now, I know a lot of people use a similar method to what @mattekure listed above (Thanks for that) but in the future, it will be made much easier :slight_smile:


Thanks for the reply. I have jerry rigged things for tomorrows who. I am actually intending to uninstall all the Voice Meter (and virtual cables) as they have been a cause of a large number of blue screens. The move to a GoXLR is an expensive stability fix.

I was unaware of the other item. I will have to investigate this over the weekend. Once my show is complete. Thanks for this. It looks promising.