Questions about streaming with Syrinscape?

I can’t speak for the other sources that you use but you may want to check their terms of service. Services like Spotify do not own the rights to the music, just the right to distribute it through their app. A lot of that content is either Copyrighted or will also be Creative Commons and requiring attribution. Streaming platforms such as Twitch will now pull streams down if they believe content is being used without correct attribution, that’s why we are trying to makes sure everyone understands Creative Commons and attribution. As we said on the original post “we’ll never initiate a strike on your content that we’re included in. But we can’t control what Twitch/YouTube etc. might do on their own.”

As well as epic music and ambience to use in your streams we also help you to promote your show and grow your audience. We can’t share your social media posts or talk about your show unless we know about your show

Ok this is all fair enough, so maybe you guys could have some sort of way to support the streamers/content creators? Or do you not feel support should go both ways? Maybe a forum or place we can post our channels to help everyone grow.

This post is in the Podcast and Streaming section of the forum. It was set up exactly for that. Take a look through, several streamers and content creators have already posted about their shows here

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Alright cool, ya before it was podcasts channel, looks like you just changed it to streaming as well. Thanks for that @Steve

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Any chance you guys can post a image/graphic for a cool link button?

We have these images, is this what you mean or something else?

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Question on the use of Images. As you know I develop a syrinscape extension for Fantasy Grounds. Creating the artwork for the buttons was always annoying for me because I have no artistic skill whatsoever. So would it be allowed to use one of the images from the pack like the Syrinscape_icon new 1.png file, which I think would look good.

Yes, there should be no problem with that as long as the images are used as-is and are not altered :slight_smile:

Does that include not resizing the image? A 2200x2200 px image is a bit large for the button images :grin:

For reference, most of the sidebar button images are around 100x100px

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Resizing shouldn’t be a problem as long as the intent of the image is still coming across. Wanna send an example of what you mean? :slight_smile:

Steve had replied in a DM, so I think we are good. Basically, with the FG sidebar images, they are typically around only 100x100px. So it would be resizing the image to fit in the space. I am holding off with it for now because I have been hearing that some changes to how the sidebar images are handled is coming, so I’ll see what needs to be done once that is released.

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Hi there!
I created a personalized sound set in the supersyrin creator for a bunch of moods in my upcoming D&D stream, how do I create an appropriate attribution link for this without just linking the entire library?

Also: I don’t understand what the show here) is linking to as I can’t find anywhere to set the title of my show.

If I set up a recurring bot line that just points at during the live stream is that sufficient? I want to make sure I cross all my T’ss and dot all my I’s

Hey folk,

Hope it’s okay to reactivate this one, but it seems best to post here?
We’re about to publish some DnD videos and I’d like to use custom soundsets that I have created by taking different moods and samples from syrinscape and mixing them to fit my game’s themes.
Is it okay to use non-standard soundsets for this? Like the previous response to this thread; I want to makes sure that everything is done correctly :slight_smile:
Obviously, that is with credits in place as per the directions in the FAQ :slight_smile:


Thanks for asking, and yes we love it when people use Syrinscape in their streamed content. We do have some simple terms you’ll want to follow if you do. but you follow these guidelines, we’ll never initiate a strike on your content.

See here for the full terms

Hi Steve,

Thanks for the response. Am I correct in understanding then that you can not use customised soundsets? Since the attribution page won’t let you create a link for that?

Thanks again! :slight_smile:

Hi @darcy_maris, no you are perfectly fine to use custom SoundSets but were possible still link back to the SoundSets we’re you got the sounds from. So if you used a lot of music from say Witchlight in your custom set then link back to Witchlight.

The main thing is to try and give credit where you realistically can. This helps us and helps you to avoid false copyright pings from the streaming platforms as you can link straight back to the source

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Hi Steve,

That’s perfectly clear, thanks very much! :slight_smile:


I have a question just for clarification.

I will be streaming a Foundry product that has Syrinscape soundsets built in. How do I go about crediting that? This would be Abomination Vaults.

Note: there aren’t really Syrinscape SoundSets built in… just a few sounds to at least get a LITTLE ambiance going.

To the point though, credit will be the same… as pinned around about the place (check out top pinned post of Twitter or Facebook for all the deets). :slight_smile:

I guess I’m just having an issue with locating the sound sets that are in the Abomination Vaults Foundry module.

When searching under Abomination Vaults or Gauntlight Keep, it doesn’t seem to pull anything up. Or searching using the names from within Foundry - flying insects, fogfen, the giant fly, ruins exterior, river1, etc. - I am unable to find anything on the attributions page to credit.