Questions about streaming with Syrinscape?

If you have any questions regarding our latest post on Streaming with Syrinscape then feel free to post them below. If we keep them all here then your questions and answers could help other users :slight_smile:

Ya I have a question. Why are you making it mandatory to give credit to you guys when I stream, even though I pay you for your service?

Film score composers are given credit at the end of movies and they are paid for their services. Why is this different?

The difference between a movie and my small time streaming is huge lol @davinci522, if you don’t have any legitimate answer then don’t cause friction. Spotify let’s me use it’s music without having to give them credit, why does Syrinscape make it mandatory. Just curious?

Not trying to cause friction. I’m just trying to understand your thinking. As an artist myself I don’t think it’s such a big deal to credit the sources you use. All they ask for is a name drop and a line in the description. I don’t see why that is worthy of withdrawing all support from a product you have been happy with (I assume) up until now.

Also Spotify will let you use it without credit but I’m sure you will run into a lot more copyright strikes on your videos because of it.

I don’t speak for syrinscape and in the end it’s up to you. But as an artist that shares their music on this venue, credit is nice.

Understanding my concern has nothing to do with answering my question. If your concerned of my issues then send me a private message, otherwise you look like one of those people that just trying to cause online social drama @davinci522.

If you check out Spotify there is lots of no copyright music you can use, check out NCS.

Personally if it would have been recommended , heck ya I would totally have made a shout out for Syrinscape. I would make a link and all. Making something mandatory that you share with all your friends, that you can invite for free, seems extremely silly to me. I have supported Syrinscape from the beginning, including helping a couple people on these forums with the little help I could.

When I signed up for Syrinscape, I was not aware that this was necessary for myself being a streamer. I have enough things to worry about without having to make shoutouts to Syrinscape as well. Extra Life donations to sick kids is much more worthy of that in my opinion.

Please can someone who actually made this rule answer in on this?

Hey @jediconic, you asked a question, which @davinci522 was kind enough to answer for you. One of the great things about this community is the way they try to help one another, lets please try and keep it that way.

Syrinscape SoundSets include samples used under a CC BY 3.0 or CC BY 4.0 license unless otherwise noted. Which is why we have always asked people to give appropriate credit when using our content in streams or broadcasts. Whilst official Syrinscape soundsets mainly contain music and sounds created entirely inhouse, they do also sometimes contain samples provided under a Creative Commons licence, this is especially true of soundsets built as Community Content, which may contain music and samples built by other members of this community, @davinci522 being one of those creators. Under the Creative Commons license, we have to make sure that those artists are correctly attributed for their hard work.

As we said at the top of the post We love it when Streamers use our content and always have, all that we are asking is that you credit that content as is required under the Creative Commons license. Not only does this satisfy the needs of the Creative Commons licence but it also helps support Syrinscape, helping us to grow and keep on producing more content for you to use in your streams.

If you have any specific questions about how usage of our samples through Creative Commons then @benjaminan can certainly help you with those.

Hey @Steve please refer to where my question was answered by davinci522. Not looking for anyone to take sides here, was just asking a question. There are different ways to approach having your company get free advertising. Fact is this has left a bad taste in my mouth in the way it was handled, I would have suggested asking all content creators to do it as a recommendation.

So my next question is do the content creators that help advertise your company get anything from this, we are artists in our own way, are we not?

You get to make your podcast or stream better. That’s the trade.

If you don’t want to credit the creators, don’t use their sounds.

This is standard practice in all creative industries. Creators pay for the permission to use the work and then credit it. Sometimes the work is given freely, but it is always credited.

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Fair enough, not disagreeing with that at all, just never ran into this with with any of the other various sources I use for the stream.

I can’t speak for the other sources that you use but you may want to check their terms of service. Services like Spotify do not own the rights to the music, just the right to distribute it through their app. A lot of that content is either Copyrighted or will also be Creative Commons and requiring attribution. Streaming platforms such as Twitch will now pull streams down if they believe content is being used without correct attribution, that’s why we are trying to makes sure everyone understands Creative Commons and attribution. As we said on the original post “we’ll never initiate a strike on your content that we’re included in. But we can’t control what Twitch/YouTube etc. might do on their own.”

As well as epic music and ambience to use in your streams we also help you to promote your show and grow your audience. We can’t share your social media posts or talk about your show unless we know about your show

Ok this is all fair enough, so maybe you guys could have some sort of way to support the streamers/content creators? Or do you not feel support should go both ways? Maybe a forum or place we can post our channels to help everyone grow.

This post is in the Podcast and Streaming section of the forum. It was set up exactly for that. Take a look through, several streamers and content creators have already posted about their shows here

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Alright cool, ya before it was podcasts channel, looks like you just changed it to streaming as well. Thanks for that @Steve

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Any chance you guys can post a image/graphic for a cool link button?

We have these images, is this what you mean or something else?

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Question on the use of Images. As you know I develop a syrinscape extension for Fantasy Grounds. Creating the artwork for the buttons was always annoying for me because I have no artistic skill whatsoever. So would it be allowed to use one of the images from the pack like the Syrinscape_icon new 1.png file, which I think would look good.

Yes, there should be no problem with that as long as the images are used as-is and are not altered :slight_smile:

Does that include not resizing the image? A 2200x2200 px image is a bit large for the button images :grin:

For reference, most of the sidebar button images are around 100x100px

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Resizing shouldn’t be a problem as long as the intent of the image is still coming across. Wanna send an example of what you mean? :slight_smile: