Pathfinder 2e Age of Ashes AP


Better than I expected! Thank you for all your hard work!


It’s not complete but here are almost all parts for book 2 (waiting for approval from @benjamin or @Steve):

Pathfinder: Cult of Cinders: Children of the Godslayers
Pathfinder: Cult of Cinders: Pillars of Ruin
Pathfinder: Cult of Cinders: Blood for Gold

last part should be ready soon


OK! These are live as Community Content! Prefix ccs in the Fantasy Player. Properly named in the Online Player.

NOTE: Those proper names are coming to the Fantasy Player as soon as possible!

THANKS sooo much for your work @Avril


Apologies to all waiting for more sets. I’m too busy with my (pfffft regular) life but I’ll try to have rest of B2 and full B3 ready by end of the day Friday 28th.


Thanks for doing these @Avril, they sound great and certainly seem to be popular! :slight_smile: