Pathfinder 2e Age of Ashes AP

Is there any news on when a sound set will be released for the Age of Ashes AP?


Yes please! We need AoA!

Unfortunately I think that this will be like Starfinder Dead Suns and it won’t start to be released until most of the early groups have finished the AP.

There seems to be one for Hellknight Hill, but when you look for details on it, nothing comes up on the website… whatever that means…

Are you seeing the soundset for Hellknight Hill in any player, @simmy200? Because, as I stated here

already, there is no official coverage of this adventure path, and the visibility of this private soundset was a glitch. :frowning:

Perhaps people should get together some of the locations and monsters and themes of this into some kind of doc and then turn our imaginations and the amazing @HECook onto getting some Playlists organised for this?

if you’ll look up “hh” soundsets you find 3 that I created - “hh Town hall”, “hh TheRuined Citadel” and “hh The Citadel Below”. These I’m using for first 3 chapters of Hellknight Hill. I’ll have more when my party reaches chapter 3 :wink:


These are REALLY good. Been using them for my game, and players love them. I didn’t even realize they weren’t official ones!
Really hope you do the rest. :3


Those are excellent, thanks for putting them together. I was about to put something together myself!


I’ll make more for next chapters of Hellknight Hill later this week. :slight_smile:


You are officially awesome! :beers: :space_invader:


Can someone provide a link to these sound sets? I cannot find them for the life of me.

Hey Paul,

As these SoundSets are Community Content, you’ll need a SuperSyrin subscription to access them. Just one of the many shiny things you get!

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Check, check!

I’ve recitifed that error. Good to be back in the fold!



Ok so maybe I’m just still really new to this program but I can only find the first HH sound set. Do you have more sound sets for the rest of book one? I love the three you have made so far and would love to get more for the rest of the first book and even the second book.

Where do I find them (I am a SuperSyrin subscriber) Thank you.

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I’m not sure how I can share them here but they can be found in the soundset menu:
hh Town Hall
hh TheRuined Citadel
hh The Citadel Below

and the new one!

hh Guardian’s Way (waiting for publication)

enjoy them. I’ll make the last one for book 1 soon and then I’ll start working on book 2.


Campaign for Age of Ashes be here:

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Perfect - now I know how to share! :smiley:
Here is my campaign that I use for AoA:


Niiiiiice! Just in time! My players will get there tomorrow!
[EDIT] Aaaw! The new one doesn’t show up on my account. :x Hope the “Waiting for Publication” pass before tomorrow! xD
(BTW, the three other “Music - Various”, “Alchemist”, and “Combat sounds” don’T appear either. I guess they are custom lists you made too.
[EDIT2] Question: First time I “Import” a campaign from someone else. I guess I’ll need to re-import it each time there’s an update?

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Yeah well it has to be accepted so you can use it I’m afraid.

The rest (non hh ones) are just some extra samples I use for character background scenes etc.

And I do not know I’d you have to import it every time to be honest.

Good news also: I should have have some time tomorrow evening or Tuesday to create hh Goblinblood Caves - last one for Hellknight Hill!