Pathfinder 2e Age of Ashes AP


So I’ll cross my fingers for it to be accepted before tomorrow’s game. :open_mouth:
( I don’t know if there will be someone looking at them during the weekend… >_> )
And yeah, that’s what I figured about those.


Ill take a look now. :slight_smile:


I’m not seeing this one anywhere on the waiting to be approved list?


OK now both:

hh Guardian’s Way
hh Goblinblood Caves

are waiting for approval :slight_smile: thus concluding Age of Ashes book 1: Hellknight Hill!

I hope you’ll like the whole set and be ready for book 2 soon :smiley:


Sad Benjamin missed it because of a mistake, but oh well… I have still 4 hours left before, and worse case, I got some random stuff on hand that can work. I can go one session doing actual work on the sound. :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ll have another go at this when I get back to my desk. Bump me here, if you don’t see it light up. :slight_smile: :smiley:


@benjamin bump :slight_smile:


Thanks for the bump @Avril These are switched on for everybody.

Question: there are quite a few Elements in these that are not used in any MOODs. Can I delete these for you (to make the SoundSet download smaller for people, or was them being there on purpose? :slight_smile:


Yes you can delete the unused ones from “hh” soundsets. Thanks!
Next time I’ll try to make them less cluttered.


Not really your fault. :slight_smile:
We are actually working towards a button you can press to highlight then DELETE all unused Elements (excluding OneShots)… this then becomes an easy last step in the building process.


OK! I’ve gone through and paired these ALL down to actual used elements. That’ll make everyone’s downloads and install times and memory load better.

THAN so much for doing this work for the community @Avril = legend! :beers: :whale: :dog: :space_invader:


That will be AWESOME!! Nice!


@Avril you are a god send on this.


Players did the Guardian’s Way encounter yesterday. They liked the ambiance.

Might be counted as AoA spoilers

I first thought the “half orc” mood would have too little orc noises, but my players fought them all one by one, so it was perfect.


Ok so I’ll start working on book 2: Cult of Cinders. @benjamin what might be appropriate prefix for those sets?

coc (I do not think it is taken) or cofc?


COFC would be best so people don’t confuse it with Call of Cthulhu, which is often abbreviated to COC :slight_smile:


I saw that names were changed again? (in that case I’ll name my new ones in the same way)

Just so everyone know they are now:

Pathfinder: Hellknight Hill: Town Hall
Pathfinder: Hellknight Hill: The Ruined Citadel
Pathfinder: Hellknight Hill: The Citadel Below
Pathfinder: Hellknight Hill: Guardian’s Way
Pathfinder: Hellknight Hill: Goblinblood Caves


Yes we are changing the way soundsets are named in the online player, thankfully no more abbreviations!

And thanks again for doing these! :slight_smile:


My group is already finishing book 2 of Age of Ashes! Any timeline available for when we should expect the rest of the sound packs for the AP?


I’m doing them in my free time so I cannot give you any ETA I’m afraid…

I’ll probably spend most of the Friday 14th to make all packs for book 2. I’d love to try and make packs for book 3 around 21st but again - can’t promise. :frowning: