Online player volume remote control links

Title says it all. I’m SO close to having the perfect setup.

  • Online player running on a Linux virtual machine, connected to sound system via bluetooth.
  • StreamDeck on the laptop I use to run the game.

All I’m missing now is volume control on the StreamDeck, rather than trying to find a universal remote that works with my sound system.

Would this help?

It includes volume controls.

Doesn’t look like it. I need 2 URLs that works like the ones that call a specific mood, but instead adjusts the master volume, up 5, down 5, etc.

Even “set volume to” would not work (unless it could be imbed into a single URL along with the mood), as I’ve created random buttons on the StreamDeck that picks a random mood. Random doesn’t allow multiple actions.

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Volume up/down in increments (of 5 or another value) is not currently possible. You must provide the specific volume you want when you make a call to set the volume.

So you could possibly have several buttons, set volume to 25% 50% 75% 100%.

OR you could create your own local server that would keep track of the “current” volume and handle +/- requests, translating them into calls against our API.

I’ll add this to our list, but can make no promises about if/when it may be implemented.

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Definitely not ideal for my setup, but better than not having any control.