Online player volume remote control links

Title says it all. I’m SO close to having the perfect setup.

  • Online player running on a Linux virtual machine, connected to sound system via bluetooth.
  • StreamDeck on the laptop I use to run the game.

All I’m missing now is volume control on the StreamDeck, rather than trying to find a universal remote that works with my sound system.

Would this help?

It includes volume controls.

Doesn’t look like it. I need 2 URLs that works like the ones that call a specific mood, but instead adjusts the master volume, up 5, down 5, etc.

Even “set volume to” would not work (unless it could be imbed into a single URL along with the mood), as I’ve created random buttons on the StreamDeck that picks a random mood. Random doesn’t allow multiple actions.

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Volume up/down in increments (of 5 or another value) is not currently possible. You must provide the specific volume you want when you make a call to set the volume.

So you could possibly have several buttons, set volume to 25% 50% 75% 100%.

OR you could create your own local server that would keep track of the “current” volume and handle +/- requests, translating them into calls against our API.

I’ll add this to our list, but can make no promises about if/when it may be implemented.

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Definitely not ideal for my setup, but better than not having any control.

We have just released an API endpoint that allows for relative volume adjustments. The format for the links looks like this:[±]AMOUNT/?auth_token=INSERT_TOKEN_HERE

So for your case to adjust up and down by 5, you may want to try these:

There are analogous links for /global-oneshot-volume/ and you can leave off the + or - entirely to set the volumes to that value rather than adjust them.

Let me know if you have any questions, and hope this helps!

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