Online player very very quiet for my players


Two of my (five) players are having this same issue. Both are on Windows 10, they have adjusted the volume in the system mixer and on the online player itself.

Any advice?


Questions first:

  1. Are they actually running the Online Player (you’d be surprised)
  2. Does it say on their Player that their GM is YOU?
  3. Does their art at the bottom of the player change when you click a new mood?
  4. Do they get little dancing sound bars in the middle of the Online Player App when YOU are playing sound.

These are all vital clues! :smiley: :slight_smile:

  1. Definitely. It took about ten times but I walked them all through it at the same time. :smile:
  2. I will check that.
  3. I will verify, but I think so.
  4. Yes - they can see the waveform bars moving - but the two player only hear the loudest one hits, no music, and this is maxed volume on everything.



…continuing to think

What chat thing are you using… some of them ‘dip’ all the rest of the audio on your machine. Might that be happening?