Online player very very quiet for my players


I think there is a bug where Mastervolume doesn’t get sent to a new person joining. So clicking 50% then 100% can get it to send again… just to make sure.


This may ACTUALLY be the problem. @sonofconan, @new_vision was seeing this, right?



in this picture you can see how low the volume waveform is even when the sound is loud as hell on my end


Ahhh!!! Scary monster dungeon! :squid: :game_die: :shushing_face:


Ah… I mean the Master Volume on the Master UI. Have you set that?

The volume on the Online Player is YOUR personal volume (you can set that without effecting your players)


A remote link for a sound? Never done that before- is that so you can actuate a sound?


(note this is a quiet SoundSet)

(start some music for me)


ok music incoming. yes both volumes set to max


Yup. CLick the three bars.

Then select “turn on remote links” (or something like that)

Then copy me the play button from the Fireball OneShot… then I can trigger my own spells when it comes to my turn. (I love this thing)


OK. Soooo… Turn DOWN the volume on YOUR Online Player app to whatever feels comfortable to you (that won’t effect your players).

Then set the volume on the Master UI… as you play the game… here comes a LOUD bit of music … “I turn down the master volume on the Master UI”… makes sense.

BUT note: some of THEIR Online Players may have never received the call from the Master UI to set the volume to full… which is why their sound may be quite low.


wow ok having the players do the sounds for thier own spells is dope. thats cool. however I noticed it seemed really quiet on my end compared to when I hit the button myself


What speaker setup?

Sometimes… mono bluetooth speakers do REALLY weird things to surround or stereo playback.


Just a tip, do not post links with an auth token in it… Send by DM if needed :smiley:


he he…

NOISE! :beers:


stereo headphones. Well, it could be the volume reset thing you mentioned- maybe thier clients arent getting the 100% volume. I’ll try the reset to 50% trick next game and report back


OK. Give that a try and let us know. :slight_smile:

Two things:

  1. that was fun having my system sounds triggered by YOU
  2. THANKS for your support as a sub! I wish you good (and NOISY) gaming!



And don’t forget to turn down the volume on YOUR Online Player for YOUR comfort, because that being HIGH is NOT making it louder for your Players.


Thanks Ben. A word of thanks- I havent ever seen a CEO/Owner be so responsive to the community. You are always johnny on the spot, but this time you have really blown me away. Amazing- that’s what you are good sir.


:slight_smile: :smiley:

Now… until you change your user token… I can trigger random Firetraps in your games! :fire:


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