Observations as a 3 month SuperSyrin

I run 2 games a week on Fantasy grounds using Discord, MorphVox for voices and SyrinScape for sound. A few “best practices” that have worked for me…

  1. I use Voicemeeter to hook this all together. Sound quality is acceptable if not high quality on the end user’s side coming in with Discord.
  2. I use a separate “cable” for syrinscape vs discord chat. this lets me use voicemeeter to control volume levels for sound separately from the chat. That works well to jack up say a fireball spell or make background mood sounds a little more subtle.
  3. I use the client player for a series of custom global Oneshots for commonly used effects and I have loaded up a lot of the spells my players use. the online player doesn’t work well for this because its full of other junk I dont use. The client player only shows what you add. much better.
  4. I use the online player for background music as its easier to flip around different sets and search.
  5. I dont find the “combat” moods useful. D&D combat is somewhat slow paced with everyone taking their turn and the music is too fast. it doenst match and the monster grunts and weapon clashes become tedious. I prefer to use individual sounds or short bursts of certain sounds for effect then turn it off.
  6. the non combat moods I really like. Doing Rime of Frostmaiden right now and the town sounds and the background wind and snow sounds really adds ambiance.

I like the combat moods because it reflects reality. Rounds are 6 seconds but can take a long time depending on player experience and how much needs to be explained and talked out.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts :grin:

One of the great things about Syrinscape is how versatile and customisable it is. Everyone uses it differently for their games, either at the table or online. It’s always great to read about other peoples setups and experiences

I have just found it awkward a little bit. Often you are working out with the players rule interpretations during combat, figuring out dice, saves, etc. and in the background there are all these grunts, clashes, etc. Now what I do is i wait until the bad guys turn for example and ill just play a oneshot of a grunt. or i like combining a lot of swoosh sounds together for the monk. it sounds like the cheesy wind effects from old school Chinese kung fu movies.everyone seems to appreciate that.

Quick suggestion to get better quality sound, you could still use your Voicemeeter setup, but pipe it into a bot instead, with this you would get stereo sound and it’s far superior than piping it to discord like it’s another person in chat.

I have a tutorial in the pro area for how to set this up without Voicemeeter but if you have Voicemeeter setup, it’s easy to set the output of your Voicemeeter by replacing the virtual audio cable I use in the tutorial.

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