No sound - Ipad pro - RESOLVED

I have a newer Ipad pro and am getting no sound. I have read through many other threads and saw people say things like the audio lock button on the outside of the ipad as well as a mute setting in the general settings and the newer Ipad has neither of these. any help would be great I would love to check this out.


  1. DO you have the volume turned up on the iPad?
  2. And do you have the Master volume turned up in Syrinscape (at the bottom in the middle)
  3. Are connected to Bluetooth or any external audio
  4. Can you hear other apps
  5. Is the ringer on mute (though I think you already answered that one) (it should be ringer on)
  6. Actual goblins?!?

Try powering the iPad off, restarting. Sometimes ios apps (initiall install of an app) will act wonky (sound issues) until a full reboot.

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