No PIN in online device player (mac) - no audio

hey support.

On a mac.
Alert in master control about no sound despite player being open.
No PIN in online device player.
Downloaded and installed new player.
Did not fix issue.

Reinstalled several times.
Deleted application support files. Reinstalled.
Restarted app.
Restarted web.
Restarted mac.
No dice. No audio.

What should I do? I’m 5 minutes late for my D&D session… so I won’t be online for the next 4hrs. Pity… cos I spent time crafting the soundscapes for the epic battle.

Hello torgnyhylen

Send your issue to for a faster response.

This has worked well with me in the past.

Hope they get you sorted out.

This may also relate to you Syrinscape Online Player not linking/loading - Support - Join the Fun at the Syrinscape Forum | Syrinscape

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Hey @torgnyhylen,

Yes, everything @cjhapn said. :slight_smile: Thanks for helping.

Jump over to the thread @cjhapn, lots of good info there, and we’ll keep that thread up to date as to how we are doing.

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