New SEARCH beta testing - OPEN TO ALL

Hey @dm_dan & @Valyar

I’m giving you both access now too, as we’ve just deployed our new shiny full functional search within the Master UI (visible to users with the user beta test flag).

If anyone else wants to help out with the final testing, request on this thread too.

Visit this thread first for a bit of info to get you started:

As for anyone else reading this… presuming we haven’t made the wheels fall of anything important and the test over the rest of this week and the weekend all prove sound, the plan is to unlock this for EVERYBODY mid next week!

Ben is just a LITTLE EXCITED! Having used it myself a lot over the last few weeks it is a BIG improvement!

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I can see the new search interface, but I cannot access the forum link you provided.

Error: Oops! That page doesn’t exist or is private.

OK. I’ve tried again… I think I clicked the wrong click.

Can you see it now? :slight_smile:

I would love to join!!

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Hello! I’ve just received an invite to the beta search, and I would love to participate. I’m a frequent soundset builder and online syrinscape user!

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Added… and I’ve sent some additional info via email. :slight_smile:

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Hi @Benjamin - I’ve got some time to test and would like to participate.

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Added! :slight_smile:

Take a look here to get started (and I’ve also sent some additional info via email.


Thanks for including me in the beta!


I’d like to be part of this.

I think I’ve tweaked the right knobs and levers to get you added, but looks like @benjamin has some welcome email he can send you too :slight_smile:

Can I get in on searching, too?? :slight_smile:

it’s a pretty cool feature :slight_smile:

Hi, there! Excitement indeed!!
I’d love to give it a try!!

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I’d be interested in joining the fun

@lonejedi70 @jaloynes @Orionox All three of you should be set up now :slight_smile: Hope you enjoy the feature, let us know if you have any questions :+1:


Cool beans! Thanks! I’ll be sure to start checking it out tonight :smiley:


@benjamin Hi. Am I too late to get in on this. Would love to put it through its paces. Looks great on @Vicki 's SoundSet Roulette videos.

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You should actually be able to opt-in yourself now, if you visit your profile page. Let me know if that checkbox works for you!

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@ryan.cassar Oh cool. Thanks. I’ll do that next time I’m on then. :grinning: :+1: