New SEARCH beta testing - OPEN TO ALL

EDIT: change of access!

New fancy shiny Online Player search is available to everybody now!

Simply visit your profile page and check the opt-in button there. New search will appear in your Master UI, and the beta froum category will unlock for you.



I’d like to participate.

I’ve added you.

Make sure you read the two pinned posts FIRST.
[old link]
[old link]

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I use search quite a bit within Online, twice a week consistently, I’d love to help.

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@daniel.anand I’ve just added you. Take a look at [old link] to get started.

I would be interested in trying out this search beta as well.
Thanks for letting us take this for a spin!

Excellent! Where do we go to post bugs or suggestions?

Hit me with the power.

This is where to start everybody!

@benjamin, those 2 pages return an error for me. It says “oops! something went wrong”. Are others having the same issue with those links?

Hey, :slight_smile: I hadn’t invited you yet to the (secret) forum category.

I have now. Can you see it?

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Yep all good :slight_smile: Thanks.

Count me in for some good testing!

Excellent @dorpond

We look forward to hearing your thoughts!

If love to test this! It’s the biggest pain finding things I can use and about to start a fully homebrew campaign and finding sources da a the worst part at the moment.

I would like to be included in the testing, please.

I would like to participate as well, though I am not qualifying for the following item:

  • b) have been already building/customizing stuff reasonably regularly

I am one of those that accepts the defaults. :sweat_smile:

Looks like some results are not linking properly to the Master interface.

  1. Search winter
  2. Click on title of result #7 ( Cold winter day, links to (
  3. Opens Master Interface with no soundset on.

I had the Mood filter on.

@benjamin just following up on my previous request to test the feature. Are you still enabling access for folks?