New Player Update Status? - RESOLVED


I read somewhere that a new version of the player would be released before gencon (which was [I believe?] this weekend). What’s the status on the player being updated, is there a timescale at all, and is there a list of features that we can see yet?

New to syrinscape, but impressed with the concept, however for me personally there are a few things that stop it being really useful in game sessions, most of which generally revolve around sound levels.

If we have the ability to control the Master Level of all sound, the ‘background audio’, and the sound effects separately (so three sliders), then that’d make it so much more usable. Also, a boost volume would help massively for some sound packs as they seem exceptionally quiet in comparison to everything else (Unless the volume sliders run from say 0 - 200% volume, to allow boosting?).

I’m not sure how much extra processing it would take on the download of an audio pack to process what the peak volume in decibels is for each of the various tracks, then do something clever with boosting / reducing volumes in order to normalise them somewhat?

Also being able to add in custom tags and/or folders for the various sound sets would help hugely, especially when you’ve got all of them downloaded, being able to find the right one quickly isn’t easy currently (I realise there’s a search but it’s currently a tad slow).

Sorry if this sounds like I’m moaning, I am hugely impressed with what the app does, and especially at the range of content on here (I’ve only got the fantasy subscription at the moment). I only suggest these things as they’d improve how I use the app during gaming sessions.


Hey Johneh! It looks like the new player was released on 7/30. I missed it, but I see it on the main download page. A list of things that are updated can be found at this thread: