New version of Syrinscape Player about to arrive!


OK! We are finally about to put out a new version of the Standalone Syrinscape Players with: UI scaling remembering, OneShot volume, scrolling Campaigns, a fixed STOP button, and a few other more invisible things.

The version I am literally testing NOW has these long wanted features built in and working. We are just working through a couple of minion visual glitches after working through some actual horrible chaos that was caused by being forced to upgrade to the (almost) newest versions of Unity… some really really weird code changes that killed our audio positioning in a number of weird ways… but we’ve fixed those now.

A LOT of dev time in the last few months has gone into building the strength of our servers in the face of rapidly increased growth… especially the MASSIVE increase in the number of SoundSets (and thus moods and thus elements and thus samples) in our database, because of LOTS of people using the Creator really killed the way we had our server was setup, so things have needed multiple rebuilds AND then some really great optimization from the team (in repeated phases).

Short version, the intention is to get this now working new shiny version out before Gen Con.

As always THANK YOU for your patience AND support! :slight_smile:

Now, less listing to me, and MORE gaming!

New Player Update Status? - RESOLVED

Yes… Yes!!! You rock as always, Ben. And a huge shout out to the Dev team. Thanks, all!


Cannot. Wait. For. This!

Very excited to use the new version during my D&D sessions!