New licence - Call of Cthulhu


You might have already seen this on Facebook or Twitter, but If not then here goes;
We are super excited to announce today our new partnership with Chaosium Inc. to create the official sounds for the Call of Cthulhu Roleplaying Game!

With a suite of sounds for the base game as well as various modules in the works, you will will be able to experience this renowned game like never before. The first custom SoundSet, Call of Cthulhu 7th Edition: Masks of Nyarlathotep, is set for release later this year at Gen Con 2018. (I better get building!)

Cthulhu fhtagn! ~Steve :grin:


This is excellent news! So…Mountains of Madness soundscape coming out soooooon? That is my favorite adventure of all time, though Masks is a close 2nd.


Masks first… and then… it’ll people’s votes and requests that count, so don’t stay silent! :smile:


Actually, there is a Mountains of Madness on the Sci-Fi player already @7th_serf ! And it’s plenty spooky!


This is great news. Congrats, everyone!


Covering the whole Beyond the Mountains of Madness campaign is a daunting task and the soundpack would be enormous! With all the locations in part one of the campaign alone this would be like ten soundsets alone if you stick to Syrinscape standards… :smiley:


Now that sounds like a challenge @new_vision. We like challenges :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


You know - as with all Cthulhu stuff, be careful this doesn’t make you insane! :sunglasses:


Great news guys, but i’d really like to see you finish the Strange Aeons adventure path. It’s the main reason I subscribed and we’ve been waiting a long time for this to be completed. Can we have an update on progress and ETA for the last 2 books please.


I can confirm (as one of the voice work contributors) that part 5 is being worked on as we speak, and part 6 is in line right behind it.


Best news all day!
Ill subscribe once it’s up!


Part one, covering the prologue is already out. Subscribe before the rest is released and they will get added straight to your “Owned” catalog on release :grin:


Strange, i misses it when I searched for it.
Thanks for the info, I’ll sub!


Hey guys.

If I buy the Supersyrin subscription. Do I get access to ALL material regarding Call of cthulhu, horror and so on?
I am a bit confused with the description only says: Get access to all Fantasy, boardgame and Sci fi… Since I am doing horror.

My fingers are itching to subscribe, but it´s important that I can actually use it for my Call of Cthulhu sessions.

Thanks in advance


Never mind, I saw that it was listed under the Sci fi section.
I just grabbed the Supersyrin


@dancodan Yay! Thanks for your support! :slight_smile:


Hi, just wondering if you will be adding some more generic 1920s/1930s soundscapes for call of cthulhu, and any other interwar setting? As a 1920s town soundscape would be nice, as would a flying soundscape.

Btw the Peru soundscapes are awesome!


I was thinking about an Innsmouth soundset, covering everything of the short story. You know: bus ride shops, creepy people, ocean, hotel, running (chasing) people, waterfalls…
Plane travel in the 20s sounds interesting, too! So many ideas, so little time.


Thanks, I had way to much fun building the Peru set and creating the sounds, especially the Alpaca!

I’ll be breaking the MON sets down into more generic soundpacks, just like we do with our Pathfinder and Starfinder content so you’ll get the different cities for example or a 1920s museum… and yes there will also be more Syrinscape Originals covering the 1920s/30s time period, like we did with "Car Chase 1920 and “Steam Train to Salem” etc.

Lots of good stuff on its way, just need to wrap up the second chapter of Masks first! :slight_smile:


There is some of that available - there’s a community-made pair of sets called Cthulhu-RockHarbor (1 & 2) that have a diner, townhouse, beach, ship, etc.

I recall another user who, in attempting to make a WWII dog-fighting plane engine sound combined a whistling wind element with the 1920s car motor sound.

And the Sea Monsters set has some metal ship sounds on rough waters, if your players have a stormy voyage across the briny deep… For most 1920s era cruise ships, a little background engine rumble and sea noise combined with the sounds from Steam Train to Salem’s various car sounds would work for when the weather is fair!