New licence - Call of Cthulhu


Just discovered this great app and I m considering to use it for my first campain in Cthulhu world.

If i sbscribe to the Sci-fi module, do i have access to the nyarlathotep sound library or do i need to purchase them separately ?


Yes. If you subscribe as either Sci-Fi OR SuperSub that will unlock every SoundSet in the Sci-Fi Player (including the official Call of Cthulhu stuff.

Seriously consider the extra stuff you get for subbing as Super though = not much extra money for LOTS of goodness.


So cool, that you like the app! :heart_eyes:

If you decide on taking the SciFi subscription, you have access to the “Masks of Nyarlathotep” and everything in the SciFi back catalogue (lots of cthulhuesque stuff there…), that has already been published and will be published in the future, as long as you are subscribed. Even better: all the new stuff, that will be released during your SciFi subscription, is yours to keep. :slight_smile:


@benjamin Cross posting… lol


@new_vision I was going to say that! :grin:


Well, a cool product that adresses my need and a very quick reply on my question.

You have a new customer !

Thanks a lot