New "D&D Battle Music"

This is very personal - but the D&D Battle Music element that is used in many of the official D&D soundsets is too electronic to me. It sounds like an 80’s movie, totally out of context with the fantasy setting that I want to give my players when we play D&D. The, electric guitars, synth tom’s e t c just breaks the illusion of my world.

It is a personal opinion, I know, but as it is used in so many places, many of the "pre-made scenarios become useless to me unless I go in and change the music. Is there a possibility to do another song track and replace the one in there as it is so biased?

I’m guessing most people wouldn’t mind a more classically orchestrated piece, like you have in so many other soundsets.

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You can do a custom mood easily enough. Go to the relevant mood and start it playing. Turn off the music you don’t like. Go to another set and turn on the music you favor. Go back to your first set, and hit the + button at the bottom of the moods. Name the mood whatever is appropriate. Now you have all the same stuff but with different music that will play!

Hi @bjornsundell One of the things Wizards asked for when we signed with them for D&D was to make sure we created something fresh and unique for the music, rather than simply rehash the standard epic classical fantasy, so yes, we’ve tried to something a bit different with each of the products.

As @HECook said, it is quite simple to quickly change out the music you don’t like using custom moods… there’s some REALLY good ‘more standard’ epic fantasy music in the Ghosts of Saltmarsh chapters… try those?

And let us know how you go! :slight_smile: :pizza: :beers:

Thanks. As I Said, it’s not my cup of tea. I’ll look into salt marsh.

Is there a simple way to list all music that are in the sound sets? As music is such a big part of how we experience things it would be great to understand what my palette is.


If you are a supersyrin subscriber take a look at Tabletop Music. I have included more traditional battle music and upload others as I can.


I am, and thanks, I will

Starting to get this now. So, I would like to do a list of all the “musical samples” that are in there and find the ones I like. How would I go about doing that? I need to find them on a “sample” level as many of the elements in the soundsets seem to mix and match between different samples. Can I sort any list based on what type they are "music, for instance, has a note next to it and is tagged as music in property inspector of the elements?

Yes, filtering elements by type in the Element Library is something that is on our list of TO DOs.

In the meantime, I recommend just having a browse through all the major D&D and Pathfinder adventures.

Each big adventure set tends to have its own style of music, AND tends to share MOST of the music track between themselves.

THEN once you find the music you like, use the Creator Functions built into the Online Player to set things up JUST as you like then. :slight_smile:

Let us know how you go!

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Hey everybody. I am a freelance composer and have made some custom pieces for my DnD/Pathfinder campaigns, ranging from exploration-type music, suspenseful music to full-blown epic action stuff. They are all orchestral-film-soundtrack-y soundwise. If there is a demand, I could picture putting some pieces into a community module…


This ‘sounds’ cool [pun intended]

Maybe put something together and the propose it as community content and we’ll have a listen?!?! :slight_smile: :smiley:

Yeah I would love to talk to you about that, also what that would mean license/copyright-wise. Can I write you a PM about that? (:

Any content that is shared and approved as community content is then available to all active Supersyrin’s and licenced under Creative Commons 3.0. Which means that other users would then be able to use that content provided that they give appropriate credit.

The same applies to our content, you can use that under CC 3.0. Ideally, Community Content should not just be built using our samples though and should contain a good mix of nice new samples that you have permission to use and are happy to share under CC 3.0

Does that all make sense?

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Thanks a lot, understood!
In this case, I will probably work on a “Music Set” made up of different song collections (like “action music”, “exploration music”, “suspense music”…), and as soon as that is approved as community content, every Supersyrin can then replace the music buttons in their soundsets, or just add the songs to the element playlists. Right?

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That sounds great! The more music people have to tailor soundsets with the better! I look forward to listening to it :slight_smile:

Hey, sorry for all the questions oO
If I upload the music set, can I later add new pieces to it and re-upload it without a) having two community sets afterwards or b) crashing everybodys soundsets using elements of the first/replaced one?
I have a number of pieces ready but would like to add to them… (:

Not currently. I have emailed Ben and asked him to update this way so no one has to worry about a second soundset when update.

Yep as @davinci522 says currently you need to contact Ben or me so that we can update the existing soundset for you. Once a soundset is published as Community Content you can’t alter them yourself, they behave like Syrinscape Published soundsets

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@rattercrash - sound really interesting. IF you are interested in any feedback/brainstorming/early access to your stuff, I’d love to be involved. I’ve had this idea to create music for, like you say - different experiences - action, battle, suspense, investigating/searching, anticipation, travelling and combine them with - forest, mountains, plains, dungeon, underdark e t c, but my schedule is too full to ever get around to do it…

Totally understand if your process is to do it alone, sometimes that’s where you’re the most creative.

@bjornsundell I am currently sitting on 11 tracks (unfortunately due to corona I have time for this :smiley: ) but I want to have 4-5 more so I have multiple songs for every playlist. I will create the soundset this weekend with the songs I have and add the rest later (I don’t want to spam Steve or Ben everytime I have a new song, so I will publish the set once my immediate ideas run dry). You could join my Online Player game and I will play them to you for feedback and sneak peeking. if you’d like? By the way, if other people would like to listen in, let me know. (:

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Just a quick update - I have not forgotten about this. I added 3 new tracks to the music set and tested it through last week. I feel like I still need 2-3 new exploration & battle tracks to not be repetitive in a longer fight or exploration scene and I am working on the new tracks. I’m excited to share the outcome, right now it is already nearly 40 minutes of original orchestral music. (: